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Thanks family..

Posted by Gena , 03 April 2012 · 460 views

So, my period started again..sorry that was kind of too much. But I literally feel like Satan is sacrificing a lamb inside me. Its so terrible, my dog was growling at me. I am doubled over in pain that no medicine can cure, I am nauseated, having insane cravings and terrible mood swings, just ask my boyfriend. Not to mention, I am broke and need urgent care, but my lovely fam wont help and like to tell me encouraging things like "you look fat", when I'm boated, or "why can't you just get over it?" when I am feeling my worst and "what is it that you do all day?" when I have a flare up.
So I tried to get over it by looking at massage therapy schools, unfortunately it is not cheap, and although I know I will not be able to get financial aid I still need my parents tax information and things like that but they wont help. Then I asked my dad for help and he so kindly said "you have 6 months to straighten out your life". Thanks dad. I can always count on you.
I briefly tell my boyfriend about it, but I don't want to overwhelm him with my family problems when they aren't his...oh and I almost forgot! My mom and her husband went to my job where he works and found out I quit my job and I told them how horrible they were to me and she got mad at me! All she was worried about was getting her discount AND to make matters worse, decided to tell me that he is prob hooking up with my friend that works there since now I am no longer there and they both work often. So now I'm not dealing with work gossip, but family gossip. And I go out on a limb and introduce my sister, that I don't really like .. but try to be the bigger person, to him and confide in her and she goes and tells my mom EVERYTHING.
I know I need to get out, so although I don't want to get a loan, it seems necessary so that I can make something of myself, move out, have my own life and be the complete opposite of my family.
I am not sure how they turned out so negative, but I am determined to never get that way.
My friends and my gorgeous man keep me sane, but I don't want to overwhelm them.

This is YOUR life. These people are being unecessarily harsh to you. Hard to believe family members can act this way, or maybe not. My own family can come out with some real petty bs at times. Don't let anyone who isn't willing to understand, stop you. I can't fathom why on earth your mum, is telling you that your boyfriend may be sleeping with one of your friends. I know you wanna save up for massage classes, but i, myself, would be distancing myself from these people. They have no right telling you how it should be. If they get a bit much, well, tell em to f*** off, as you have a serious illness, and any drama is only gonna add to it. Take it slowly.
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I'm trying to distance myself, but at the same time, I have hope in everyone. But I do believe this is the last time I can take it and once I do make something of myself and then prove to the world that ibs is a terrible condition that needs to be taken seriously like any other medical condition, they will feel crappy all by themselves.
I think negativity is my biggest motivator I just hate that it is from a source so close to me
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