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Enough is enough

Posted by Gena , 07 April 2012 · 492 views


I am sure you have noticed the majority of my posts deal with the stress my parents cause me. It just got to a whole other level today.
I didnt get much sleep, and when I did my car had a flat tire that my mom had the need to repeat to me. My stepdad just complained about how I never listen when he tells me that I need to get my car fixed but I have stuff to do, and most often than not, I end up being sick on my days off so I cant take my car to his shop and the friends I have dont have a car or are older and are at work or school and ppl like to judge me when I hang with them bc of the age difference and like to make judgement. And by ppl I mean my whole family.
They also made a big deal last night, after I cleaned and cooked despite the discomfort I was in, to talk about how I don't have a job. The real problem was that they can no longer get a discount at the store I was working at. I actually have 2 jobs and one of them involve helping my rude sister who just encourages my moms behavior.

I had to go to Texas med clinic, which for those of you not from Texas is like a combination of doctor and hospital but they actually see you in a pretty timely manner and do more than just watch you in pain, and they found out that bc of my very low immune system, my body attacks itself (which I already knew) and I got an infection.
I told my mom what the doctor said and she went into her sarcastic mode and one thing lead to another and she called me a whore.
Mind you, I do have many guy friends but just bc they are friends does not mean that I have sex with any of them. My mom encourages me to show off my body by giving me feminine and sometimes revealing clothing and trys to have me use my looks to let guys give me stuff. I am not that kind of girl and I guess my appearance can come off a diff. way, but I am very selective of who I am with. I also am about to be 20 and I have no child which being mexican and black is amazing. I am one in like 3 in my family who made it out of high school without a child.

I am still in a ton of pain and I have to work. Luckily it's a fun job, but idk if I want to come back.

BlueBird Happy
Apr 13 2012 02:07 PM
Gena, have you ever heard of personality disorders? Message me if you are interested. My family was very similar growing up.
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