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FODMAP Inspired Diet for IBS-C

Posted by Suncake , 04 February 2012 · 530 views

I posted this on the IBS-C board, but thought others might be interested in following my dietary changes following a flareup.

I am following an elimination diet to find out which foods are triggers for me. Just wanted to post how it's going for others who might be interested.

I decided to limit my foods to those I truly believe(d) are/were safe for me in an effort to pinpoint my problem foods. I know these foods are not doable for some, but they seemed fine for me (with the exception of coffee, it seems, more on that later. coffee helps my constipation but seems to inflame my colon)

Day 1 Feb 1
breakfast: Oatmeal with lactose-free milk, maple syrup
coffee with milk 3 cups
handful of grapes
Note: lots of pain in side (doc thinks i have diverticula that is inflamed) within 15 minutes of drinking coffee.

snack: 1/2 banana

lunch: 1/2 cup quinoa with olive oil and salt
celery stick

Dinner: sweet potato baked, plain, freshly squeezed oj, some grapes.

Taking 90 mg of lactulose daily. lots of distention and gas. decided to stop taking it and go back to miralax.

Day 2 Feb 2
oatmeal with maple syrup and strawberries.
2 cups coffee with lactose free milk-burning pain within 15 minutes of drinking (you think I'd have learned from yesterday. Such an addict)
Lunch: quinoa, 2 gluten-free vans waffles with earth balance
dinner: sweet potato, baked, small amount of brown rice with tofu

Took miralax instead of lactulose. Much better, less distention and gas, flatter stomach.

Day 3 Feb 3
breakfast: coffee 1 cup (see, I'm cutting back...still got burning pain within 10 minutes. )oatmeal plain
Lunch: plain rice cakes, gluten free waffles, raspberries
Dinner: sweet potato, baked, large amount of Heather's Peppermint Tea.
Still have burning pain near splenic flecture occurring at 10 pm at night, 2 hours after eating. Golf-ball sized burning, just below end of bottom rib. Not as terrible as it was last week.

Day 4 Feb 4 Ovulating today and yesterday, which can exacerbate my symptoms.
Breakfast: 2 slices Udi's bread, 1/2 cup coffee-burning pain in back much less today. Had cup of black tea with lactose-free milk and seemingly no bad effect. 1/2 cup strawberries.

I have much less stomach pain than I did before beginning this diet. in fact, none in the front at all, just the burning pain with the coffee (at least I think it's related to the coffee, much to my dismay). Have had some loose stool but for me that's btr than none, still not formed, unfortunately. Will continue eating this limited diet for another 4 days, then add in something.

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