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6yo Nightmare

Posted by athens , 14 April 2012 · 323 views

Im a 22yo female who has been struggling with acute stabbing lower right abdominal pain for the last 6 years.. At first it was bearable and I managed to deal with it as I was working back then as a waitress in Greece. I went to my dr and was diagnosed with kidney stones. After the treatment I started having back to back urinary tract infections which were all treated with antibiotics. At some point the pain started getting more intense and so without any tests a doctor diagnosed me with IBS telling me I should just take it easy... I ended up quitting my waitressing job and started working at my dad's office. Although waking up in the mornings and walking to work were very painful i could still manage the pain as I was sitting at a desk.
Last year I moved back to Montreal and started working as a waitress again. At first I'd have good days and bad ones. For the past 2 months everyday is a nightmare.. I've been at 2 different hospitals emergencies around 7 times. I had a clean Barium Enema and blood tests showed anemia. But its always the same " Take those antispasmodics, careful what you eat and we'll call you to schedule a colonoscopy and follow you up. Its been 2 months and Im still waitting for "that" call. I tried another hospital and im seeing a gastroenterologist this Friday..Basically Im back to square 1 again..Ive tried watching my diet but whatever I eat I always get the same results. Working is a living hell. Never knowing when the pain will strike. Just tonight I threw up 3 times in the wc at work because of the pain it starts with sweating shaking a stabbing sensation at that same spot gas and nausea.. I've been trying to think positive but Im losing faith..
Today I told my boss I couldnt deal with it anymore and I'd have to cut down my shifts. He told me that he wants me to get whatever the problem is fixed so I could come back to work. I've got no back up Ive got bills and a rent to pay. What am I suppose to do??Suffer and suck it up??I dont know how long more, this thing is draining me psychologically and physically.. Walking to the dep is a challenge, Ive been waking up at 6am because the pain was unbearable, even sitting down right now is painful.. And I'm not even positive that its "JUST" IBS but I need to get a colonoscopy and a viopsie for a final diagnosis..

And my question is :What happens in the meantime???

I'd like to give you some advice, when I was seventeen I had my first colonoscopy. The results came back as everything ok but I still had no answers. Here's my advice to you. Get x-rays of both the upper and lower intestines. A friend of mine even had her crohns discovered because of a sonogram. And check out this video on you tube, 5 simple steps to Cure IBS without Drugs, on Ultra Wellness. A lot of what I'd tell you is in the video. Good luck.
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