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IBS in highschool

Posted by Eco , 17 April 2012 · 283 views

I'd been having frequent attacks from my IBS for weeks before I sought help, I went to the nurse seeking help explaining that the attacks only started in fifth hour,lunch, and sometimes continued until the end of the day. She advised Imodium. I tried this and it helped but not enough for me to stay in school, I finally told my parents what was going on and why I didn't want to go to school. That's when we started going to the doctors who told me that it was all in my head.I changed doctors multiple times and researched but still no help. I refused to go back to school, it was just to much to try and sit through class while my gut tried to explode. Unfortunately I had already started my prom shopping and I was signed up for both my junior prom and my boyfriends senior prom. Those where two of the most stressful nights I had.

Even with the doctors note to my teachers that they had to let me go to the bathroom when I needed, it was too embarrassing to suddenly leave class even not needing to ask the teachers because my class mates questioned why I was allowed to leave when ever I wanted. So my mom arranged for me to have a tutor work with me to finish my classes but not be in class. And that was a hard thing to do since the principle refused to work with me. I spent the last two months of my junior year like that.

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