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The worst summer ever

Posted by Eco , 17 April 2012 · 390 views

After my IBS became apparent in my junior year of high school, I went to see a gastro doc, who scheduled me a colonoscopy SIX MONTHS from them. Well the results came back all normal and the doctor told me I had IBS but didn't give me any advice or help on what to do next. I thought that was it, I thought that was the only thing to do.

With no hope of progress, I spent the summer in pain, trying every herbal remedy that I could and seeing a doctor three hours away who told me that my problems would go away if I drank enough water. I was so frustrated, I just wanted my life to be over. I couldn't go anywhere with out stopping every ten minutes to go to the bathroom. I knew that summer would be over soon and if I didn't find a way out I'd have to go back to school with out a tutor. I started doing research on GED's and online classes. A month and a half before school started I informed my parents that I wasn't going to go back to school. Of course they freaked out but I held strong to my decision and my dad being the wonderful person he is found me an alternative school about 40 minutes away that would let me choose my own hours and the majority of the work was online. This was where I started to find hope.

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