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Making Changes

Posted by Eco , 18 April 2012 · 359 views

After I'd been in my apprenticeship for awhile I started looking for a part time job to get more experience grooming. I found a Kennel that also did grooming 45 miles away. I lived in a small town far from the city so for me to get where I wanted I had to start here. I ended up getting a job there as a kennel tech and did grooming on the side. I found that the dogs really could be my therapy and the place was so big that I was a little anxious about getting a attack when I was out but so far nothing too bad. Luckily I've moved up in the ranks so I don't have to be far away with the dogs if I'm having a bad day.

What's hard is the anxiety that comes with the announcement of a staff meeting. I'm working on that, all I can do is make sure I take all my meds and drink hot tea and make sure I have peppermints stuffed in my pockets just in case. But still it's not good enough. I've been at that job 2 years in October. Now I'm the manager in training, for about the last three months I've really gone down hill. But I decided to not give up. I've started taking my fiber at least once a day trying for two, walking my dogs at least once a day as well as yoga in the morning and night. It seems to help but it's just the beginning. I've also started this blog because I've found that the anger and resentment I had built up just wasn't healthy. I hope that not only will writing this help me but help other people as well.

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