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Green lentils

Posted by jaumeb in jaumeb's Blog, 24 April 2016 · 45 views

One week ago I introduced green lentils. I soak them in water with some lemon juice for 12 hours before cooking. To my surprise they seem to help with my symptoms. I am not saying that I am symptom free, what I mean is that things were worse before introducing the lentils.


Debilitating groin pain

Posted by Laurie Elliott leach in Laurie Elliott leach's Blog, 20 April 2016 · 124 views

I am new to this group so bare with me.  I was diagnosed over 10 years ago with IBS.  I have manged to control it rather well via my diet.  However in the last year there have been some changes.  I have had 3 colonoscopies and one endoscopy during my journey with this.  All have come back "normal"  "no problems with your colo...


Constipation with eczema symptoms

Posted by Bo Ramm in Bo Ramm's Blog, 19 April 2016 · 121 views

I am a 35 year old male that has been dealing with constipation and eczema for about 8 years now. I haven't had a diagnosis for anything at this moment. I'll see splotches on my face and scalp only and in the same spots that become tight,itchy,burn,scaly then exfoliates. My bowels become small, hard and pebble like. My lower abdominal becomes bloated an...


HELP! need some advice SICK of Doctors' blablabla.... I need something useful! :-(

Posted by Dparkinson in Dparkinson's Blog, 01 April 2016 · 371 views

Hi all, I am completely new to this whole blog thing, and have absolutely No idea on how to use it - so please bear with me! My partner suggested to go onto something like this for advice, as my Doctor is NO HELP what so ever and I am really struggling.
I have always had bowel problems for as long as I can remember, I have always struggled to go. M...


30 Low FODMAP Dessert Recipes

Posted by Joana in My Gut Feeling, 29 March 2016 · 301 views
low fodmap, dessert

30 Low FODMAP Dessert Recipes Today I'm sharing 30 amazing low FODMAP dessert recipes : muffins, cakes, cookies, chocolate desserts and other special sweet treats! + they are also gluten free and lactose free!



Posted by anussati in IB(S) Student's Life , 09 February 2016 · 474 views
IBS-D, young adults, school

Hi there,
I've decided to create a blog about IBS in my life as I always found writing about such problems extremely helpful. 
I am currently 18 years old, in the IB Diploma programme at high school, so my life is extremely stressful. I try not to be excluded form the social life. Must say, I do a lot of stuff - like leading the school...


Crazy Bloating- Help

Posted by Gstar37 in Gstar37's Blog, 29 January 2016 · 562 views

So i'm going to be completely honest im not sure WHAT form of IBS i have. There was a time i thought i had IBS-D then IBS-C now i don't know. I know you guys are probably thinking to go see a gastroenterologist which i should and will (the one i have currently sucks, he doesn't believe anythings wrong with me because i am young!! although he did casually...



Posted by Vikki Field in lottee83 Blog, 27 January 2016 · 601 views

Hi all can anyone help
I am fed up with my IBS... Dr  puts down to my stress and anxiety mothers recently passed and my anxieties are unbearable medication is irate as well as my bowels.  one  minute i'm in excruciating pain being constipated and next i am running to to toilet with loose stools..or i will have...


My Absence

Posted by Gena in Gena's Blog, 17 January 2016 · 447 views

As you may have noticed from my lack of presence, not only on here bu also on youtube. The main reason is that my IBS-A is now in a state of Constipation. I have been drinking water with some probiotics I originally found at whole foods but purchased online and add to a simple bottle, which I love!. The name is GoLive and I am using the Spa flavor that ta...


Try Vitamin D3

Posted by Racquel Allen in Try Vitamin D3, 15 January 2016 · 726 views

So I have a long story to tell about my journey, which you can look at My Personal IBS Journey's it going. I can say very quickly though that upon performing multiples of research and visiting several doctors, I finally found the cure- Vitamin D3. And this apparently seems to be unknown by a good number of persons-- it's a healthy alternative...


my family doesn't fully understands my ibs

Posted by vanshika mahajan in vanshika mahajan's Blog, 14 January 2016 · 539 views

Hi friends.Well this is my first time when im writing something about my ibs.So this all started around 2 years ago when i was 15.I started to have alternating bowels,nausea,headache,abdominal pain which was so extreme that i ended up in emergency room many a times.Since then i have been to numerous gastroentretologists(hope i ve spelt it right) and have...


Diarrhea go bye bye!

Posted by Mike Marchelli in Mike Marchelli's Blog, 14 December 2015 · 711 views
cure me.

Do you have IBS-D  diarrhea bloating no appetite depression etc.  I found the cure!!!
It is called AMITRIPTYLINE.  calms your stomach nerves and fixes everything. Also avoid sugar caffeine alcohol and fat , eat small healthy meals often.


Top 4 Myths About The Low Fodmap Diet

Posted by TheFodmapCentral in The Fodmap Central, 07 December 2015 · 734 views

Top 4 Myths About The Low Fodmap Diet Originally posted on The Fodmap Central .
Following a low fodmap diet can be great for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or other gastrointestinal problems. With all the information out there, it can be hard to sort fact from fiction. We asked some of the top fodmap experts what they thought common misconceptions were about...


My very long story and where I am today (aka there is hope)

Posted by Doite in Doite's Blog, 18 November 2015 · 960 views

I'll start with the history of my IBS. It's rather depressing like so many other IBS stories but it's honest so there's that. I was maybe 15 or 16 when I realized I had IBS. I'd never even heard of it before. I remember I'd come down with what I thought was gastro, but now I guess could have just been my IBS welcome package. Feeling better I went back to...


From: My symptoms are worsening

Posted by Emita in What is normal??, 02 November 2015 · 787 views
ulcers, gas, IBS-C, pain, work and 2 more...

Source: My symptoms are worsening


Where to begin...

Posted by learningcurve28 in learningcurve28's Blog, 28 October 2015 · 687 views
IBS, cramps, medication, anxiety and 4 more...

You would think at the age of 24 the last thing i'd be worrying about is where the nearest bathroom is, do I have Imodium in my bag, have I remembered my buscopan? Unfortunatley this is my reality. I'm fortunate enough to have been having a good spell over the summer up until now and my IBS is in no way the worst a person could have it but it's still some...


The First time I knew

Posted by IBS-understander in Feel my pain !, 20 October 2015 · 647 views

Its was February 2012 on the first day of school when i felt this strong pain in my stomach it was acing i didn't know if i needed to go toilet or what. It was a pain i had never felt before i was confused about what was happening and 3 years later i found out i had IBS ,  as a kid i always felt sick and would never know the cause of why! which came...


Bathroom SOS

Posted by jjd1999 in jjd1999's Blog, 07 October 2015 · 888 views

I am new to this site, but not to IBS. I joined this site for support and a way to vent my struggles when needed. Today is one of those days!! I arrived at work early this morning (I work 5am to 1pm) to find that our patient bathroom was not working and that the employee bathroom was no where near working 100%. This alone gave me major anxiety knowing tha...


New here!

Posted by angiemaree145 in angiemaree145's Blog, 02 October 2015 · 726 views
IBS, IBSsupport, IBSawarness and 2 more...

My name's Angie. I'm new to this site (obviously.) Basically, I've spent the last 8 years trying to figure out why I have such painful stomach pains that are accompanied by bloating, constipation, diarrhoea as well as various other symptoms. In 2014, we discovered that I have endometriosis but that in itself didn't give me the a...


best results?

Posted by shibena in Miracle for IBS d, 27 September 2015 · 1,297 views

i eliminatedd wheat - and switched to white flour. 
this helped a lot. now realise the junk fibre in the wheat is the cause of ibs-d.
try it - if it works for you, i am happy.
must have 2-3 slices of white bread or roti everyday . this stabilises the condition .
avoid indigestible fibre like the plague
good luck...

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