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Activated almonds

Posted by jaumeb in jaumeb's Blog, 24 July 2016 · 10 views

I prepared activated almonds and they didn't work for me.


How I've managed to reduce IBS-C's symptoms

Posted by Hasan Ali in Hasan Ali's Blog, 15 July 2016 · 196 views
IBS-C, Constipation, Teenager

​So I've been suffering from IBS for the past 5 five years. I formally got diagnosed last year with the doctor telling me that my intestines work slowly, which is why I get constipated. He prescribed me some meds but they didn't help and I just pretty much got on with my life and started dealing with IBS by drinking Tea or Coffee when my symptoms go...


Have Artifical Sweeteners caused my IBS?

Posted by Dan Neary in Dan Neary's Blog, 10 July 2016 · 174 views
Gas, Flatulence, Fecal, Odour and 5 more...

Hi All, I am quite new to this. I am a 17 year old male that attends school and have recently been having troubling symptoms. 
Back in January of 2016 I began to take excessive consumption of chewing gum (I could get through around 60 in a week and was obsessed with chewing on gum due to concerns with my bad breath). During the period from Jan...


IBS worries.

Posted by brambleberry27 in brambleberry27's Blog, 02 June 2016 · 409 views

i've been having pain and constipation since last September, with so many IBS problems i fit into every symptom. But my panic/anxiety problems have been worse as of late since to a small mental snap, which has caused my problems to worsen. The main problem right now is lower back, hip area and right side along with normal pain in my stomach and constipati...


18 years severe ibs-d, now almost cured

Posted by wateric1949 in wateric1949's Blog, 20 May 2016 · 562 views
now almost cured

  Hello, I signed in this website decade ago,just view sufferer’s blog and forum. The last time I visit ibsgroup is ten years ago. Since I forgot my password, I have to sign another name to login to tell my ibs-d story because my symptom is almost relieved.
  I am a Chinese, male , now 39years old ,living in Beijing and working for a big...


IBS Diet Plan By doctor

Posted by pkumar in pkumar's Blog, 19 May 2016 · 491 views

Could not mentioned in last blog.One ayurvedic doctor suggested me the following diet plan for IBS---
Here is the list of things one need to avoid –
Carbonated beverages/ soft drinks like pepsi, coke.
Milk, cheese
Dried beans, peas, black daal, kidney beans ( rajmah), chic...


Occult stool +ve and -ve in 22.plz help

Posted by Ssub6721 in Occult stool positive and negative in 22 , 19 May 2016 · 270 views

Hi guys
Recently i have beenn having pains in right upper quadrant and right ribs radiating backwards
Pain description: pain from 2 months, in episodes, lasts for 4 days. Sometimes like some switch is there one min its there and second not there,sometimes in the left ribs also
Had appendectomy one and a half month ago.
On vacation. From 20 days i had kind...


A Mixture for IBS-D Sufferers ( Not organic but I believe it is natural )

Posted by bonjour in bonjour's Blog, 14 May 2016 · 345 views

I have been suffering from IBS-D approximately fourteen years. A few months ago, I made a mixture of ginger roots, honey and yoghurt. I can not say this is a treatment for ibs sufferers but it is your choice to try this mixture for one week. If you feel it works for you just dont give it up, use it through all your life. It is so easy to make this ingredi...



Posted by Cheryl6079 in Queen of the Throne, 08 May 2016 · 526 views

I thought I would start my first blog telling you a little bit about me.
My gut issues began roughly 20 years ago. From memory, I believe my first symptom was a gas pain that would not pass. This began a series of medical tests for the next 2 years including lab work, x-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, upper and lower...


Debilitating groin pain

Posted by Laurie Elliott leach in Laurie Elliott leach's Blog, 20 April 2016 · 512 views

I am new to this group so bare with me.  I was diagnosed over 10 years ago with IBS.  I have manged to control it rather well via my diet.  However in the last year there have been some changes.  I have had 3 colonoscopies and one endoscopy during my journey with this.  All have come back "normal"  "no problems with your colo...


Constipation with eczema symptoms

Posted by Bo Ramm in Bo Ramm's Blog, 19 April 2016 · 327 views

I am a 35 year old male that has been dealing with constipation and eczema for about 8 years now. I haven't had a diagnosis for anything at this moment. I'll see splotches on my face and scalp only and in the same spots that become tight,itchy,burn,scaly then exfoliates. My bowels become small, hard and pebble like. My lower abdominal becomes bloated an...


HELP! need some advice SICK of Doctors' blablabla.... I need something useful! :-(

Posted by Dparkinson in Dparkinson's Blog, 01 April 2016 · 762 views

Hi all, I am completely new to this whole blog thing, and have absolutely No idea on how to use it - so please bear with me! My partner suggested to go onto something like this for advice, as my Doctor is NO HELP what so ever and I am really struggling.
I have always had bowel problems for as long as I can remember, I have always struggled to go. M...


30 Low FODMAP Dessert Recipes

Posted by Joana in My Gut Feeling, 29 March 2016 · 606 views
low fodmap, dessert

30 Low FODMAP Dessert Recipes Today I'm sharing 30 amazing low FODMAP dessert recipes : muffins, cakes, cookies, chocolate desserts and other special sweet treats! + they are also gluten free and lactose free!



Posted by anussati in IB(S) Student's Life , 09 February 2016 · 701 views
IBS-D, young adults, school

Hi there,
I've decided to create a blog about IBS in my life as I always found writing about such problems extremely helpful. 
I am currently 18 years old, in the IB Diploma programme at high school, so my life is extremely stressful. I try not to be excluded form the social life. Must say, I do a lot of stuff - like leading the school...


Crazy Bloating- Help

Posted by Gstar37 in Gstar37's Blog, 29 January 2016 · 858 views

So i'm going to be completely honest im not sure WHAT form of IBS i have. There was a time i thought i had IBS-D then IBS-C now i don't know. I know you guys are probably thinking to go see a gastroenterologist which i should and will (the one i have currently sucks, he doesn't believe anythings wrong with me because i am young!! although he did casually...



Posted by Vikki Field in lottee83 Blog, 27 January 2016 · 898 views

Hi all can anyone help
I am fed up with my IBS... Dr  puts down to my stress and anxiety mothers recently passed and my anxieties are unbearable medication is irate as well as my bowels.  one  minute i'm in excruciating pain being constipated and next i am running to to toilet with loose stools..or i will have...


My Absence

Posted by Gena in Gena's Blog, 17 January 2016 · 662 views

As you may have noticed from my lack of presence, not only on here bu also on youtube. The main reason is that my IBS-A is now in a state of Constipation. I have been drinking water with some probiotics I originally found at whole foods but purchased online and add to a simple bottle, which I love!. The name is GoLive and I am using the Spa flavor that ta...


Try Vitamin D3

Posted by Racquel Allen in Try Vitamin D3, 15 January 2016 · 1,071 views

So I have a long story to tell about my journey, which you can look at My Personal IBS Journey's it going. I can say very quickly though that upon performing multiples of research and visiting several doctors, I finally found the cure- Vitamin D3. And this apparently seems to be unknown by a good number of persons-- it's a healthy alternative...


my family doesn't fully understands my ibs

Posted by vanshika mahajan in vanshika mahajan's Blog, 14 January 2016 · 789 views

Hi friends.Well this is my first time when im writing something about my ibs.So this all started around 2 years ago when i was 15.I started to have alternating bowels,nausea,headache,abdominal pain which was so extreme that i ended up in emergency room many a times.Since then i have been to numerous gastroentretologists(hope i ve spelt it right) and have...


Diarrhea go bye bye!

Posted by Mike Marchelli in Mike Marchelli's Blog, 14 December 2015 · 992 views
cure me.

Do you have IBS-D  diarrhea bloating no appetite depression etc.  I found the cure!!!
It is called AMITRIPTYLINE.  calms your stomach nerves and fixes everything. Also avoid sugar caffeine alcohol and fat , eat small healthy meals often.

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