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Natural Yogurt and Lemon Cake

Posted by Joana in My Gut Feeling, 14 March 2015 · 2,518 views
lactosefree, glutenfree and 1 more...

Natural Yogurt and Lemon Cake Easy to make and even easier to love fluffy and moist natural yogurt cake with almonds and a lemon scent. A gluten free, lactose free and low fodmap recipe .



Dangers of IBS Constipation - Acidity and Hiatal Hernia

Posted by IndianRopeTrick in IndianRopeTrick's Blog, 07 March 2015 · 3,858 views

Hi ! This is my first blog. I won't be writing so much. I am in a bit of pain as I write this blog post. I want to share some info so that you don't have to suffer too. 
What is hiatal hernia? 
Basically, your diaphragm is a sheet of muscle which separates the lungs from the digestive organs like stomach. There is a hiatus or hol...


Could the gut's own mucus be feeding SIBO bacteria?

Posted by Moises in Gut Check, 02 March 2015 · 4,583 views

According to this this paper:
Bacteroides is one of the most common genera of bacteria that invade the small intestine in SIBO.
According to this article:


Monday, March 2, 2015

Posted by xxkateysaysrawrxx in Katey's Blog, 02 March 2015 · 4,632 views

So today I'm having pain on both sides. Which would be left side lower, and right side middle (slight non noticeable dull pain). left side lower is crampy and severe. I decided I don't want to try anymore. Ill just see what happens from here, because I can no longer hang on. So I'm not eating today. I'm sleeping today. And waiting still for help. I t...


When is sympathy needed?

Posted by Gena in Gena's Blog, 06 February 2015 · 2,437 views

I have these periods where I'm not in here for months, then I'm back on for a few days and I'm off again and so on. Usually those periods are me coping with my pain and managing to not stab ppl I. The hand with a fork and gouge their eyes out. I'm sure most of you feel the same.

I have noticed within the past10 months how people treat ppl with hidden di...



Posted by pipsqueak51 in pipsqueak51's Blog, 24 January 2015 · 2,995 views

I need help I don't know what to do anymore. My stomache has episodes where it flares up really bad once a month to the extreme. My stomache will cramp severe and starts out where my face will become red and really blotchty. At the same time that happens my stomache will have a really bad cramp not the ibs cramp. It would be whole entire stomache hurting...


My IBS Story so far

Posted by Holly Emma Tongue in Holly's Blog, 21 January 2015 · 2,530 views

I am 22 years old and have had IBS since I was about 11 or 12 so it's been a pain for about 10 years. I have mixed IBS so it can be varying however I get extremely bad "episodes" when I get real bad bloating, cramps, diarrhea, constipation and vomiting. It used to start at night so I got no sleep which steadily got worse and worse.
I generally get...


Stomach flu and IBS

Posted by mickeyp81 in mickeyp81's Blog, 13 January 2015 · 1,508 views

I have had IBS A since I was 21 (I'm 33 now.) I actually had it under control pretty well. But this week I had some kind of stomach virus and it seems to have set me back quite a bit. This time it is constipation. (When I get stressed out it is always diahrrea.) This virus, which  I caught at work, kept other people out of work for a day or two, it h...


Having a rough time

Posted by Julie1968 in Julie1968's Blog, 05 January 2015 · 1,039 views

HI all
I am recently new to this page.
A few weeks ago I came to this site for advice on whether I had IBS.
After taking advice from you guys I made an appointment with my doctor who also suspects I have IBS after describing my symptoms.
I am also going for blood tests to rule out an allergy to gluten, chrons disease.


Help last resort. Severe IBS-C

Posted by foxifit in foxifit's Blog, 22 December 2014 · 483 views

Had a recent scare with elevated enzymes.  Very afraid to keep taking anything but Senna now and VSL#3. and Bifidobacterium infantis. 
Doctor took me off Amitiza thinking that this was causing elevated enzymes on liver.  ALT was 33.
He said not to worry.  Yet anyway, lol.
Already do limited diet. 
No dairy
No gluten...



Posted by postmortem in Would you like a dose of bitterness with that?, 17 November 2014 · 1,641 views

With 2014 drawing to a close end, I can't help but to think how close I am to my mid 20's. Next year I will be 24 and the next I will be 25. I feel so far from that the young 14 year old girl I was when I first "became" sick. Although I didn't really become sick. I got sick and never got out of it. I don't know if this is even a valid distinction. One mom...


Might have a way to help manage this, atleast I hope.

Posted by Jayme3 in Jayme3's Blog, 29 October 2014 · 705 views

So April of this year I started getting this IBS issue. I would not go number 2 bathroom for days...sometimes up to a week. At times it would be SO painful and then I would get horribly painful diarrhea instead of constipation. I went to my doctor and they ran test to see if it was a bacterial issue but they came back clear. Then then sent me to a Gastroe...


Please, don't make me eat.

Posted by alineb in alineb's Blog, 11 October 2014 · 3,202 views

Our lives revolve around food.
At least, mine does. 
Any time I visit family, one of the first questions I'm asked is, "Jeet?" (Did you eat?) This question is shortly followed by several plates of food being placed before you, no matter your answer. 
When discussing birthday plans, finding a nice place to eat is essent...


Three Tips For Keeping A Thyroid Healthy This Summer

Posted by mariepeter009 in Hypothyroidism Treatment Program, 03 October 2014 · 1,637 views

At one point or another, we will feel tired plus you simply do not need to function on something, or you're merely too tired to make good decisions, or to carry out even the simple jobs for the day. Understanding what causes tiredness may be the key to dealing with it plus overcoming this issue too.

We could exercise normal or be physically active plus n...


SIBO Flatulence

Posted by Maximusflatulus in Maximusflatulus' Blog, 01 October 2014 · 1,865 views
Uncontrollable Flatulence

I have been suffering from SIBO for 7 years. And I have to admit that I get a bit of a tired face when people start to talk about a "healthy" diet with high fibre and high carbohydrate. The obscure fact is that before I got SIBO that is the exact diet I was following - to the letter. I made sure I got AT LEAST 8 grams of fibre per day, if not more. I did...


My Updates on the GAPS Diet

Posted by LDW in LDW's Blog, 03 September 2014 · 3,114 views

Hi All,
Well it has been almost two months and I am still working on the diet. Made some adjustments to the GAPS Diet for me. About a week ago made home made yogurt which was delicious. Have been eating better and really feel the meat broth is doing the job of sealing my leaky gut.
When I go out in public to shop I have less restroom runs...


Hypnosis, Brain Waves and Your State of Mind

Posted by Nikka_Sparks in Nikka_Sparks' Blog, 27 August 2014 · 3,240 views

Most of us have a keen interest in staying healthy, but for many people this does not translate into much more than a general effort to ‘eat well’ and get some occasional exercise.  While our physical health is obviously of critical importance, o...


Fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT)

Posted by Reno in Reno's Blog, 22 August 2014 · 2,794 views

 What is fecal transplant?
Your body has a lot of necessary (good) bacteria in its gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Fecal transplant involves taking stool from a healthy person and transferring it into a person suffering from a disease caused by reduced amounts of the necessary (good) bacteria. Fecal transplant is most commonly used as a treatment...


Patient with my Doctor...

Posted by Paisley in The Struggle Is Real..., 21 August 2014 · 2,742 views

So I went for a colonoscopy last month because it got to the point where I saw blood in my stool more than three times a week. This didn't improve if I cut out gluten or dairy. My doctor said he would get back to me after a month with the results; however, I have heard nothing. I'm a) scared they are going to say it's nothing or b ) say its going to...


I b s constipation and stomachs adhesions

Posted by petetasha2 in petetasha2's Blog, 19 August 2014 · 1,411 views

I have been an I b s sufferer for 18 years had two operations to remove adhesions 11 years ago and lately have been in severe pain with constipation and dr thinks my adhesions are back and has said could have adhesions removed with surgery again what's your thoughts

Thank you

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