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Lot of GAS but can't use bathroom

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#1 Anyung77


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Posted 05 April 2011 - 02:16 AM

Currently, I have ear infection. I was sick. Having fever, stuffy nose, can't talk, can't hear. I thought I had cold. Week later it getting worse so my husband took me to ER and found that I have Ear Infection. Yeah, I took antibiotic. The first Antibiotic I had allergy reaction so Doctor switched over with new antibiotic. In mean time I can't take anything at all but the Senna for my IBS.It has been almost 4 weeks. Well,. I can't use bathroom. I have been farting a lot. Seems like I want to use bathroom but when I sit on toilet I can't use bathroom.I took Fibers, Senna, Drank about 8 bottles of water, Hot tea, broccolis, apple, banana, I even used stool softner that I have to put in, not the oral one. I feel terrible.My husband wants me to go IBS Studies. Maybe they can able to find what is my problem, he said.I went through so many doctors, so many different medication, and some doctors offered me to have surgery. I don't want to. My girlfriend had this surgery and she suffered from infection and she still have IBS problem.I have been farting a lot. Stinky. I don't feel so good.My stomach is bloated. Been farting last few days. Well, I am stressed.I can't sleep well. Worried.I am overweight. I don't have any physical problem but Ear Infection and IBS.3 weeks ago, when I went to see doctor for ear infection and explained about IBS, he told me to take Senna every 2 hours. Well I did. I took liquid fiber, Pill Fiber, drink milk (Milk does make me go to bathroom but this time doesn't work at all).What else should I try?I really really want to go bathroom. Stomach started hurting yesterday and I am, I want to go bathroom. I can sit on toilet for Long time (20 min to 45 min) but that doesn't help with it. Any suggestion?Thank you.Jean


#2 em_t


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Posted 05 April 2011 - 09:27 AM

Have you tried a suppository or an enema? If you haven't been in 4 weeks I'd be down in the ER. The senna might not be working because the stool is too hard, perhaps try taking Miralax for a few days to soften it and then go back on the senna. Senna every 2 hours seems extreme!

#3 Kathleen M.

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Posted 05 April 2011 - 09:47 AM

4 weeks passing no stool at all or 4 weeks without a satisfying BM (so you may pass some rabbit pellets, but you still pass something a couple of times a week)?4 weeks with no stool coming out at all you may need to get medical assistance as I'm not sure a home enema or anything else you can do at home will be enough. The fact you pass gas is a good sign as a full obstruction will prevent you from farting. If you stop farting get help ASAP.Sounds like you've put enough fiber in I would focus on something like miralax to get all that fiber wet enough to pass (just a stool softener at the very end may not be enough) it can take a few days of miralax to get stuff wet enough through enough of the colon to move.It may also take a home enema (as long as you are passing at least a little bit a couple of times a week).
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#4 amberlink09


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Posted 05 April 2011 - 07:39 PM

Wow, 4 weeks? That is horrible! I get stressed out when its been a week. If I were you I would definitely be in the ER, or at least at my GI. For me I take miralax on a daily basis, if that doesn't work I take magnesium citrate and if I still have no luck I use one of the large fleet enemas. If an enema doesn't work though you definitely need to see a doctor!-Amber


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