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IBS.... And now pregnant. I NEED to find a way to cure my symptoms!

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Posted 23 November 2012 - 01:49 PM

I have posted here before... but it's been a while. Actually since before I was pregnant, but now I am 9 months pregnant and just weeks away from my due date and I am panicked and desperate for IBS relief before the arrival of my baby. Let me just start by saying that pregnancy has no effect on my IBS symptoms... only in my first trimester I had some morning sickness and extra bloating but now that that's over my IBS remains unchanged. I am 19 years old and this is my first pregnancy... unplanned but still a blessing. I do not live with my boyfriend and without the baby being born and before being pregnant it was easy to have control and decide when I saw him and when I didn't if I was having a bad IBS day (I keep my IBS secret from my boyfriend... it's just humiliating to me...) but now that we are having a baby he is talking about being around every single day and even moving in together soon... normally I would be overjoyed and excited but I am terrified and not looking forward to any of this. I am supposed to be so excited and happy for the arrival of my baby and that the man I love wants to really make a life with me but I'm not, I'm horrified. How will I be able to hide my IBS if I am with someone everyday all day or live with them! I am soooo scared! I NEEEEEED to fix myself! As soon as I have the baby I will be going for an endoscopy and colonoscopy because I havent yet done that.... but who knows if that'll even turn up any clues. Just a kind of summary of my symptoms.... I have extremely foul smelling flatulence no matter what I eat, it often even has a heat to it which is just kind of odd... the smell just makes me feel like my gut is "sick". I never have formed bowel movements, they are always soft and usually very small and there are numerous a day... I do get bad D attacks but those are maybe once a week or if I eat something I know has a bad effect on me. My BM's are always soft, never formed, always small and come with a sort of cramping urgency beforehand, I couldnt hold it for more than a few minutes if I tried. Even if I have the rare somewhat normal BM in the morning a fews hours later BAM right back into uncomfortable soft BM's. The worst part may be that I never see it coming. I could get the urge... go use the bathroom... feel okay for a few hours, think i'll be okay for the day then BAM randomly a few hours later I have urgency again and foul flatulence. It's like I never have a full evacuation. It's so weird. There are even times where i'll have 2 small soft almost diarrhea BM's early in the day and then at 6 pm my gut will feel really normal and i'll have a really normal urge to use the bathroom and I will have a normal formed BM but it will be very very small.

Well... being pregnant obviously theres not too many medications I can try but it is safe to take simethicone so I take that when I get painfully bloated and it sort of helps. Doesnt get rid of the foul flatulance though... that just seems to come out of nowhere. Immodium... I will take a half once in a blue moon only if I am having a bad D attack. And my Dr said it was safe while pregnant and recommended I try the probiotic Align... so I did with absolutely no difference, and I took it for over a month. Now I want to try a different probiotic, can someone please recommend a good one that they saw results with if that had similar symptoms to me? And how long after stopping Align do I have to wait to try a different probiotic? Also I bought some peppermint capsules and want to try them... but I can't seem to find out if they are pregnancy and breast feeding safe... I don't want to do anything to harm my baby... anyone know if peppermint is safe? I heard it's bad during first trimester but I'm well into my third and does it cross into breast milk?

Also.... I eat generally very healthy and know what to avoid to avoid having the severe D attacks... for the most part though there is only one food I'm certain will cause a bad D attack (though it will happen many hours/next day later) is dairy (and beans too)... BUT if I really must have dairy I take lactaid and oddly enough it actually causes me to have really very formed BM's the day after taking, how odd. But other than that I do keep a food log and symptom log and it seems there is no pattern and even the most bland healthy foods can make me sick... it's just so unpredictable. HELP ME PLEASE!

And let me add one question... what types of blood tests should I ask my Dr for?


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Posted 23 November 2012 - 04:25 PM

Simethicone is probably safe since it does come in colic drops for infants.

You don't really have to wait to try a different probiotic. Just note that ones with a lot of FOS or other prebiotics may increase gas a bit.

Sometimes the all starch bland tends to increase gas as that is the fermentable part of the diet. Try small amounts of rice if you feel you need the starch with cooked veggies and lean meat and see how that goes.

Most of the blood work needed for IBS they would have done for the pregnancy anyway (complete blood count) but if you haven't been checked for celiac disease that may be worth a go.

Looks like peppermint is on the no list for breast feeding (can cross) and it can make heartburn/reflux worse which can be a problem for some women when they baby is pushing up and putting pressure on the stomach anyway. I've heard mixed info on late in pregnancy and so I'm not sure if it is proven safe, or we just don't have proof of risk. I would think the can make reflux worse thing would be a concern for breast milk. Babies tend to have spit up/reflux kinda problems anyway so probably don't want to do anything that could add to that.
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