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I am looking for some information

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Posted 24 November 2012 - 04:29 AM

Hi My Name is Katylyn,I am 55 and live in Toronto Canada.
I am looking for some information as I am having difficulty finding antibiotics here in Canada.

several questions and my story.

On halloween I got acute pancreatitis ,survived but nearly died ...
Okay so I have had IBS for a years.
but 6 months ago my belly began to swell and I became constipated.I was really struggling.
Had haert test ct scan,pulmonary test etc.It is very long and arduous to get these tests in canada.No real answers(youre fat they said"but I looked 9 months pregnant.(not normal for me)

Since hospital ,I have had constipation,constantly hungry ,and undigested food in bowels.My dr gave me enzymes,very little help.
I suggested to my dr as I have read that after pancreattis I had SIBO.
Now having the breath test is not really accurate so he agreed to treat me.
I am NOT looking for diagnoses and have opportunity to see a gastro for 15 mins on Nov 28.

here are my questions.
1- okay so i began flagyl -it is the only drug we have here -no rifamtin? in canada.

2-my dr gave me cipro and alteratively doxycycline to take with the flagyl
I just cant take it anymore and decided to go for it after reading about this cured in the forum with 2 drugs and ginger and the post about no probiotics.

3- my issue is- I have begun the flagyl(2 DAYS) but am allergic to clavolin ,and CANNOT TAKE CIRO DUE TO SEVERE INTERACTION WITH ANOTHER I am limited here.

4-I also know doxycycline can cause pancreattis,and I am on the mend from that.
5-the only drug i can take with the flagyl is amoxicillen not as strong but it's my understanding one ab is for anerobic and one for arobic bacteria.

6- I am not asking for anything here but advice.
Maybe I should stop it all until I see the gastro.Or have the hydrogen test.But the flagyl has helped with moving the bowels and I know it iscommon to have SIBO AFTER PANCREATITIS.

I cant find the post where the poster says he go great results with 2 antibiotics and l-glutamine.
Can someone help me find it?

I probly sound silly but cant take much more of this.and the Drs here are very ignorant about treating anything.
Maybe i should just give it up and wait for a breath test ,if i can get one.A BIG IF
the only 2 antibiotics I can take are flagyl and amoxicillen.
I dont like doctoring myself but its all too much.
I wasnt doing well after pancreatitis,I dont have a gall bladder and i dont drink ever.Drs in hospital were stumped.they said it was a gallstone stuck in the pancreas.
I have a standing order for pancreas tests and will know if it reoccurs.

*-So is the hydrogen breath test even accurate for SIBO?
And I am concerned about starting and stopping flagyl,it has helped my bowels move at least.

Please offer some advice NOT medical advice jsut what I might do to next week,carry on w the antibiotics or wait for the gastro?.He has but 15 minutes to decide my fate.Sad but true and the antibotics here are all systematic ,some in america not available here.
Health care here is not the same -sometimes have to wade thru it with minor help form your dr.

ok comments ideas welcome.
BTW Probiotics did NOT help and I have all the symptoms of SIBO except for weight loss.
the most dsisturbing symptom is My protruding belly and constipation.

Thank you I look forward to any comments at all.
I know I sound a little desperate but you know this IBS is an awful thing.

I wish you all well and will await your comments.




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