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Info wanted from those who have recently had their Gallbladder removed...!

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#1 Guest_HJ_*

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Posted 07 July 2000 - 06:22 PM

Right now there seems to be alot of talk about gallstones and gallbladders. I have seen a couple of posts/replies from people that have recently had there gallbladders taken out. I would be interested to hear your story about how that went and how you are feeling now. I go in to the hospital on July 24th to have my gallbladder removed. I am getting a bit nervous about it but know it has to be done.Regards,HJ


#2 cs


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Posted 08 July 2000 - 01:53 PM

Hello,I have had mine out for about a year and a half now and its the BEST thing I could have done although I kinda have to watch what I eat like toooooooo much fat can sometimes cause me to have diareahha which is weird because doesnt happen all the time but overall I can put up with that instead of before being nausiated and pains EVERYTIME of eat!!

#3 Guest_doctor mom_*

Guest_doctor mom_*
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Posted 08 July 2000 - 02:48 PM

I had the surgery two years ago, and it went great! The only complication I had was a little fever for a couple of days, but the surgeon said that that wasn't a problem. Most people think that because this surgery is so much easier because they only make a few small incisions, and that you can go home the next day--you don't even have to recover...but that's not true. It took me about a week, and I was back to normal. Listen to your doctor and take it easy, and you should be fine! The doctors told me that I could still get heartburn, but so far I've had no problems with it...before the surgery, I had it so bad that I would get the sweats from the pain. (If I had it to do over again, you better believe I would! Good luck, and let us know how it went.

#4 Guest_tag64_*

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Posted 09 July 2000 - 01:22 AM

No problems, went in 6:30 am was home sleeping in bed by 4:00 in the afternoon. Given pain meds but never needed any. had no pain just sleepy. Next day was up and around all most as good as new. Only problem D and side pain when I eat rich and or fatty food, but not all the time. Good luck Hope yours goes as well as mine

#5 Guest_beenthere_*

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Posted 10 July 2000 - 08:19 PM

Don't know it you are male or female. I am female and I had my gall bladder removed lapriscopically in Dec of 1993. It was a much welcomed relief from very chronic irritation and bloating and tenderness, as well as the occasional night attacks of gas pain. My surgeon assured me that for a woman who had been pregnant the lapriscopic technique would have minimal complications and he was right. The worst part was the staple under my underware. Do take it easy though, you don't want to undo anything before it heals. My "attacks" were not food triggered and I don't have anything that bothers my IBS-C or D anymore than it did before. However, one thing my surgeon did warn me is that I might feel so much better that I might eat more because my abdomen was less irritated, so if you have a tendency to gain weight easily, that might be a useful tidbit to keep in mind.Good luck and God bless!

#6 Guest_HJ_*

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Posted 10 July 2000 - 08:29 PM

Thanks everyone for your replies. I am sitting here right now in a fair bit of pain so am looking forward to some relief. It seems as the time passes the small little attacks are getting bigger, more annoying and more frequent. THe pain is also heading to the back area. I am female and have had two c-sections so I do know what surgury is like but not the laproscopic (sp??) kind. I am sure this will be much easier recover than being fully open. I will remember to take it easy even if I am feeling good.Thanks again everyone HJ

#7 Guest_Sunrise_*

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Posted 13 July 2000 - 05:16 PM

Hi, I had my gallbladder out in March 2000 laproscopically (sp?), and I still have IBS. My problem was an inactive gallbladder, which did not function properly. Anytime, I ate fatty foods, I had an attack that lasted 12 hours. The surgery was short and sweet and the scars are very minimal. Listen to the doctor and get up and walk the next day. This will help with the anesthia. I am a very bad patient, and got hit with the anesthia the next evening, throwing up. After that, 6 weeks of healing my muscles and no more gall bladder problems. Now if I could get rid of the IBS and Endometrosis, I would be a really happy camper. Well, good luck with your surgery, I'm sure it will go really well. Talk to you soon - Sunrise

#8 Guest_ditto_*

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Posted 13 July 2000 - 09:21 PM

Hi, I had my gall b. removed about 2 wks ago. I never had any IBS or other gastro problems until a couple weeks before I had the GB removed. Before the surgery, I had severe sharp pain under my right rib, GI complaints, etc. The surgery was 7pm on a Fri. Nite and I was home Sat. afternoon. Rested sun-mon, went shopping on Tues and back to work on Wed. the thing I didnt expect was that the laproscopic surgery is still MAJOR surgery and I had some nausea, trouble sleeping (due to soreness), difficulty walking (due to the wounds and soreness). Now 2 wks later I have no more symptoms and feel pretty much back to normal - and no problems eating fatty foods so far. Good luck and let us know how you do...


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