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feeling nauseaus if dont eat

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#1 ladyldh


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Posted 03 March 2008 - 01:39 PM

HI Iv just found this site and iV found it very useful.I think I have IBS and have been having symptoms since I was 12 I have the stabbing pains, bloating and nausea and sometimes D (not all the time though it comes and goes) But I have found that if I miss a meal or eat later than usual or let myself feel really hungry I feel sooooo nauseaus and suffer with really bad stomach pain and feelweak and dizzy so I have to go and lie down . I then have to force myself to eat something even though I feel sick as this is the only way I will feel better I was wondering if this is symptom of IBS and whether anyone else suffers from this symptom and if there is any way to stop it happening. I try to eat regularly but work in a shop so sometimesI end upon late dinner breaks depending on my shifts.


#2 Kathleen M.

Kathleen M.

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Posted 03 March 2008 - 01:41 PM

I've always been that way. Even as a kid, before I had IBS.Getting too hungry can make IBS symptoms worse if you get post-eating symptoms anyway.K.
My story of beating IBS: My Story with IBS
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#3 beachlover40


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Posted 11 March 2008 - 03:07 PM

I have had problems for years with IBS. I was even hospitalized when I was in the third grade for stomach problems (I am now 28). In addition to my stomach problems and severe pain 24/7, I get sick and nauseous all the time. It seems like every morning I am nauseous and even vomit. It also happens when I haven't eaten. I have had a GI specialist do all kinds of tests. They even thought I could possibly have diabetes but that came back normal. I have tried numerous different types of birth control thinking that it was the bc pills making me sick but that doesn't help either. I guess it is just another sympton of having IBS. But you are not alone. I feel your pain!!!

#4 IBS_In_N_Calif


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Posted 20 March 2008 - 07:07 PM

Hi:Try to keep snack type meals nearby so you can eat off and on to avoid the nausea. Here are some herbal supplements to help with the nausea: You can find them at Peppermint Oil or Fennel.You can buy Ginger at most Wal-Mart vitamin dept. for about $4.00.I hope you will feel better.Raymond.

#5 SJ1985


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Posted 18 January 2009 - 09:13 AM

Yeah, severe hunger pretty much feels identical to nausea, and for some strange and ironic reason, once you're past a certain point it can make it feel near impossible to eat. Then your blood sugar goes down and you get dizzy etc.The best way is to get something really light and very slowly eat it, bit by bit.

#6 mariea369


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Posted 27 March 2009 - 11:32 AM

Hi Ladyldh Dont stress too much Ive had those exact problems all my life since very young child and have suffered from IBS since then. Im known in my family as the hunger grouch!! When hungry do not come near me cause Im the antichrist but if I leave it too long, it gets to a point where I can only eat very very little or cant eat at all. I would often vomit nothing when I wouldnt have enough food in me. I suffer from IBS-C and sometimes when I havent gone to the toilet for days and feel the pains coming on and feel so bloated I dont want to eat its a catch 22 situation but I found that drinking soup or very mushy food helps when you have eaten in awhile (as colon doesnt have to do much work). Always have some food around you even in your pocket (my friends laugh at me cause I always have crisps/wheatfree biscuits etc in my bag even on nights out). If the pains get too bad just take painkillers (especially if in work) but if at home lie on your bed with your knees bent & rub your tummy very softly.

#7 IanRamsay


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Posted 27 March 2009 - 12:55 PM

hii get the same sick feeling when i dont eat every 3 or 4 hours during waking hours, and i have to eat within 15 minutes of getting up in teh morning. been the same way since i was a child.cheersIan
Emetophobic since 1987, IBS A (More C) since 1990, Chronic GERD + Chronic Gastritis since 1987. When people say it cant get any worse, i say at least you are still breathing! Keep the faith. Currently in remission thanks to specific strain probiotics and 12 years of probiotic reaserch.

#8 Guest_Glenda C._*

Guest_Glenda C._*
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Posted 01 April 2009 - 03:07 PM

I have Bad IBS-D , and I also have a pretty bad problem with Acid Reflux too.I get Nauseated very frequently. I throw up alot , for unknown reasons.I do vomit alot of sour yellow bile in the mornings. On an empty stomach.I get so hungry all the time. So I was told by my gastro doctor not to eat 3 big meals , break it down to 4 or 5 small meals daily.At times I will be so sick to my stomach , the doctor had to give me a Rx. for "Compazine".That helps the Nausea sometimes , not always.I do take "Zantac 150" & "Protonix" for my acid reflux. It helps quite abit.I hate it when I am Nauseated and then end up throwing up .I hope you guy's feel better soon. It's No fun to feel sick.

#9 Puppy3D


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Posted 01 April 2009 - 06:38 PM

I get that too. I feel dizzy if I didn`t eat anything for some hours.
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#10 hele07_12


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Posted 24 April 2009 - 09:42 AM

I've had ibs for a while now & i have the same exact problems. So maybe you can bring like a snack or something with you. At school I would feel so sick If i didn't have enought to eat so I would bring gold fish(they didn't bother my stomach) and eat them whenever I got hungry.

#11 Brenna


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Posted 29 April 2009 - 07:01 AM

Hi there. I get that way sometimes too. If you feel you really can't eat try drinking some hot ginger tea which is great for nausea. Just a few thin slices of the ginger root in some hot water. It that's not convenient try peppermint tea. I don't think I could survive without that. The main thing is not to put anything scary in there if you haven't eaten in a while. No cold water, that will slam your guts closed and they will start to spasm. Always go for something hot to start with.If you haven't eaten for a long time start with something really easy to digest like toast or rice or a banana. Anything to keep your strength up. Good luck. Glad you found this place. Lots of nice people with great advice! :(


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