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Managing IBS Anxiety and Stress Triggers

Posted by ranking.jennifer , 24 August 2018 · 1555 views

It’s almost strange to think that gut can almost have a mind of its own when it comes to how it reacts with your nervous system. It controls your digestive system and how your gut acts in certain situations, such as how your nerves act when you’re in a situation where you feel a bit apprehensive. This can all contribute to how you can manage your IBS.
The biggest triggers of IBS is the feeling of anxiety and stress because they can switch on the pain signals in your gut. Although it’s not necessarily the emotions that can trigger the IBS, it’s the reaction inside that triggers the IBS process.
There are several ways you can help to reduce these triggers so that you’re able to manage the IBS in a sufficient manner. Sometimes, treating your mental health and psychological care can be highly beneficial compared to using professional help alone. Here are several ways you can manage your IBS at home and in your spare time:
Sleeping - One of the biggest causes of stress is not getting the right sleep. The lack of sleep affects brain activity and leads to fatigue, meaning you’re less able to do basic tasks that you would when feeling more energised. It’s ideal to set up a schedule so that you’re getting the required hours of sleep a day. Reducing alcohol intake is another way to get a better night’s sleep.
Exercise - Studies have shown that getting regular exercise throughout your weekly routine can be beneficial in improving mood and managing depression if you suffer from it. Walking, swimming, running are all ways that use several muscles in the body and in doing so, it helps them to contract which prevents your bowels from reacting in a negative way.
Spa Days - If there’s any way for anyone to really wind down and get away from the stress, it’s through a spa day. They have several experiences to choose from including massages, afternoon tea, jacuzzi and more. Choose from any medispa Wilmslow and help to calm the nerves through a relaxing experience.
Breathing Exercises - Changing breathing patterns is a great way to help calm your nerves and prevent yourself from getting too worked up. There are many breathing exercises you can choose and these are all capable of doing whilst you’re at home or even on public transport.
Taking into consideration these tips are sure to help with managing your IBS. The important thing is to make sure that in certain situations you’re able to cope with any stress and anxiety you may feel to help reduce the chances of your IBS activating.

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