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Manageable One Day and Then.....

Posted by Kathleen435 , 25 August 2018 · 1275 views

I was diagnosed with IBM in my early 20's, but shouldn't have been surprised.  I come from a family of women who suffer from IBS and are from one end of the spectrum to the other end.  Up until now, I have had a very mild issue with IBS, although it did introduce itself to me in a slightly embarrassing way.  While at work one day, I got up from my desk at a rather large company and headed to the restroom.  While in a sitting position, with my single half-door closed, my stomach decided to twist and turn and seem to wrestle with my insides.  And then, while still sitting, I passed out.  When I came to, a co-worker was standing over me and telling me they had called an ambulance.  Checking myself quickly to make sure I was decent, I then wondered what had happened.  My stomach was extremely achy and I couldn't figure out what was going on.  
Once in the emergency room and after quite a while, and some tests later, they decided based on my family history and yes, someone called my mother-(thanks mom) and the physical problems I presented with, it was decided that I had just joined the rest of the women in my family as a new member of my family and another famiy, the IBS family.  A few days later I saw my family doctor and was given a couple medicines to keep on hand should a flare up occur and for approximately 10 years or so, my flare up only occurred about 4 or 5 times a year.  My mother, however, struggles daily with IBS-D and has to watch everything she eats and plan her outings around where the closest bathroom can be found.  My experiences with IBS have always been completely different.  Mine have always been characterized as IBS-C and have seemed to be seasonal or stress induced, but always manageable for the most part.  I have four sisters who all have IBS as well, but some experience symptoms a little more like mine were and some are as severe as my mother's.
Flash forward twenty-five years and things have seem to change in one day.  Struggling with a flare up one day, to dealing with an extremely painful and bloated stomach, constant nausea and several bouts of dizziness in a day, along with a complete inability in the bathroom for two days prompted a doctor visit, who then advised me to go to an emergency room.  After tests, ultra sounds and a c.t. scan, they stated my problems were all related to IBS.  They gave me a couple prescriptions and told me to follow up with my gastroenterologist.  A quick visit to him and he said, yep, all the symptoms and problems I was experiencing were due to my IBS-C.  He told me to take the laxative packets (3 a day) and pain medication prescribed by the hospital (as needed), along with an over the counter laxative (3 pills a day) and a probiotic supplement (1 a day).
You would think with all the chemicals I am ingesting, things would be moving right along.  Well, guess what??  They are not.  So, I bought a couple of books with regards to a Low-Fodmap diet and well, I'm not sure if I should follow a low-fodmap diet or because of my IBS-C, if I should be reversing this diet and attempting a high-fodmap diet.  I've only read to page 39, but my questions and feelings of inadequacy with regards to all the information entering my brain from this book, have me quite sad and wondering if this diet is something that can help or if there is anything that can get things moving for me.
Looking for help and hoping this is the right place and that I haven't broken any rules for this site.

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