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teaching and IBS

Posted by bdmoorebsn , 02 September 2018 · 990 views

Three years ago I tripped over 1:50 chairs in my classroom and felt something pop.  A week later I am having serious abd pain, fever and guarding.  Seems had diverticulosis, unaware, and now had pocket of infection.  Weeks in/out hospital and 4" colon removed, I have struggled off and on with IBD and diverticulosis.  Usually my FP doc and I can manage it.
Last year was my 18th year in teaching and seriously considered it to be my last year. Students threatening teachers, blacks students telling white teachers that they don't have to mind them, cause only blacks are superior according to their parents.  Assistant principles not disciplining students, and some APs as bad as students on the bullying. Out of control, many teachers transferred or quit.  I never have seen color in my students nor have seen such hate.  I
My passion was/is teaching, and I have always strived to build strong and lasting relationships with them.  I keep in contact with my students from previous years.  But after the threats and being cornered and threatened by 3 males, including an assistant male principle....I really wanted out...prayed and stayed this year, only to have a severe bout of constipation that broke into uncontrollable diarrhea second week into the school year. 
Went to doctor said gut was inflamed again, 4 antibiotics and 1 week later I am now having ribbon stools and off/on again cramping.  Sometimes control, sometimes not.  I can take FMLA if I need to, but worry about the bullying about being out...does the ADA cover these GI diseases?

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