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New to Support Groups

Posted by SydneyW , 29 September 2018 · 947 views

This is the first time I've been on a support group website or ever in a support group. I'm going to be nineteen years old in October, I've had IBS since I was very little - probably five years old. It really started when I entered junior high school, when I had P.E. class in the mornings. My P.E. teachers were, of course, marathon runners and I hate running. It's just boring and I feel off-balance listening to music. Anyways, I would constantly be going to the nurses' office after the class, complaining of stomach pains, dizziness, and nausea - even though I had a healthy breakfast. The nurses would pass it off as me not eating enough in the mornings, then they would send me home. 


That happened about four times before my mom set up an appointment for me. Aaaand my doctor said it was just stress. He also said that I can't sleep because of stress and my knee joints hurt because of stress. Really?? Turns out, I have short knee tendons that pull on my knee caps with vigorous exercise, I just have very active legs when I try to sleep, and I have IBS. Eventually, he sends me to a gastro doctor and fast forward to my senior years of high school.


The worst thing happened to someone with IBS.


All the restrooms on campus had broken plumbing.


So, everyone was sent home early (I live 20 minutes away) and I'm left waiting for my mom to pick me up. I wait and wait and wait. Then I wait some more. I try not to stress out because that's what triggers my bowel movements, so I start pacing. Back and forth, back and forth. Then I cross the street, unable to hold it in any longer and knock on a stranger's door. No one answers. I think of how stupid and reckless that was, so I almost cross the street again. Then I had *cough* an accident, so I just knocked on someone else's door, left with no alternative.


Of course, a man answers who just got out of the shower.


Wearing only a towel.


I can't even make this up. I read a lot and this is actually happening. I judged the people living in the house as safe because there's kids toys on the patio and a nice, slightly worn down jeep in the front yard. Nice mowed lawn, an organized garden arrangement, pretty flowers, etc. He actually let me in to use his restroom, which I feel SO grateful for, even a year later. His bulldog tried to come into the bathroom with me, but I didn't need an audience. The man got dressed in his room and walked me out, saying cheesy stuff like, "Stay in school," and all that.


I got VERY lucky, as a teenage girl knocking on stranger's doors. 


So, tip for when you have to use the restroom and are surrounded by homes: pick the one with the nicest lawn, but not too nice because that would mean they have too much time on their hands.

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