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IBS now for 3 years..

Posted by KS77 , 16 January 2019 · 893 views

Hey everyone, I didn't think much of getting online guidance until now. Six months ago I did post on a baby bulletin regarding gastritis issues during pregnancy but it subsided quickly..My first episode with gastritis was three years ago. I had vomiting on just the first day, severe bloating (crazy bloating, extended stomach) for about three days followed by diarrhea, nausea, heartburn, on and off stomach cramps. That only lasted about 3-5 days. I was 22 years old, healthy eating, active, not allergic to ANYTHING, no drinking, or smoking, not stressed. Again, about 6 months following, the same episode happened. This time it lasted for 5 days like the last episode 6 months back with all of the same symptoms. I then saw my PCM, or went to the er, and they told me I may have acid reflux, or gastritis, and to try some tums ect (since I breastfed it was a no on the medicines).
      So, three months later after a trip to Mexico the same episode happens, but for about one week with persistent diarrhea, and bloating, burning in my stomach, weight loss, dehydration. After stool tests came back negative for any parasites the doctors concluded it may likely be gastritis, or IBS. I was really hoping it was a parasite so I can just treat these symptoms and be on with my life..I had no idea what IBS even was.
       I didn't have another episode until about one year later during my pregnancy which I earlier described as my most recent episode of gastritis. So far it's been almost one year since that episode, but for the past 5 months every day I have gas (smelly), slight bloating, fatigue, my poops are usually more on the solid side, and sometimes I do get occasional constipation, and they can be "dusty", and bad smelling. When I exercise it's hard to tell if it helps or not since there's so much still going on with my stomach. I went to see a G.I. doctor about a week ago, and was diagnosed with IBS, AND I'm on pro-biotics daily. Does anyone feel fatigued? Any burning in your tummy? I've had that for about 3 solid days now along with gas, bloating, and fatigue. Thanks for taking your time to hear my story!

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