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I'm new here

Posted by Marie Simbeck , 04 February 2019 · 1891 views

I have had IBS-D for many years but it was not severe and was manageable. However in the past year or had become increasingly worse. I would have severe cramping and pain following a meal and diarrhea. I was prescribed discipline to take 15 minutes before meals and it did help with the pain and cramping. I still have frequent stools. Today however I had one of my worst bouts ever. Severe pain and cramping diarrhea, dizziness, weakness, sweats. I am wondering about trying probiotics. Has that helped anyone?

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Go to Baking Soda + 7.0 PH or kylepa_ibs

Think that may help solve your problems

Had ibs for over 50 years.

Key is to drink positive PH water which will change your stomach/body from acidic to alkaline!

Caffeine is your enemy.

Good luck-Kyle

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I understand your issues completely.   The things I have noticed that help is completely changing your diet (cut all of the processed/bad stuff out) and only eat whole foods (lean meats, veggies, fruits).  Try low-FODMAP eating plan.  Probiotics also are good.  Some improvement with hyascomine (spelling?) and eating smaller meals.  I struggle with maintaining weight due to just about everything setting off my IBS; therefore, supplements are also helpful. 

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Hi, I am new here...  same as you, I've had this problems for a long time but only "got diagnosed" in 2016. The doctor recommended a low FODMAP diet .


My husband and mom learned that after any meal outside the house, we had to wait at least 30 minutes in the restaurant so I could go to the bathroom in case of a 'reaction'.


I developed hemorrhoids because of the straining when I got constipated and also because of the strength of the diarrhea. After going to the bathroom I would be so weak ... 


Right now I am having issues with certain foods... I used to be able to drink milk - one cup for breakfast... not anymore... no lactaid no nothing... only almond milk for smoothies... 


Same reaction to tea... I used to have a cup of green tea in the afternoon. It would calm my stomach and help me digest lunch ... not anymore! I tried earl grey and I almost passed out because of the cramping ... mind you... all this at work...Today I tried green tea again, and the cramping, gas and general issues arose ... also, I got heartburn too 


Working and having these issues is really a struggle... :( Honestly I wouldn't mind having this problem if I can be at home, but it's not possible...


Anyway, hope you have found a bit of relief or answers to your symptoms... If you tried the probiotics, please share if they helped... I am also trying to find alternatives that allow me to have a meal without worrying about the consequences...

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