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IBS-C followed by rare fecal odour issue due to weak sphicter and pelvic floor muscles. Most doctors don't even believe until witness

Posted by Anynomous , 27 October 2019 · 1665 views


I was suffering from constipation and bloating issues due to IBS C triggered by stress/anxiety since post-graduation days. I ignored symptoms for 6 years at least and used to strain repeatedly in toilet to ensure evacuation as much as possible. By the time I decided to visit doctors post 6 years, the pelvic floor and anal sphincter muscles had become weak and "anal muscles used to remain stretched for hours" post any straining even if get out of washroom, which used to cause strong fecal odour and embarrassment publicly. I started visiting doctors but never mentioned about fecal odour issues even in absence of gas problem and just mentioned IBS. Doctors used to prescribe laxatives which made condition worse as any ingredient (drug or food item like lemon juice) that has liquidation effect on stools inside intestines used to make odour problem 10 times worse, especially laxatives. The odour problem used to happen even when have diarrhea for a day and the odour used to be so strong that my room mate in other room with room door 4 meter away from my room door and in different can also smell it. Two years passed with dozen doctor treatment, most of which was fiber supplements, laxatives, both made problem worse. I told about odour problem to some ayurvedic doctor and she first couldn't believe that it happens and then told I can't do anything about it. Finally, I opened about odour problem to a GI specialist of a big hospital and she took tests (Anorectal Manometry) and found out that odor problem and partly in consistence problem is due to Anal Dyssynergia. For muscle strengthening Keggel's Exercise was prescribed and and for IBS laxative etc, which I never took cuz it used to make odour problems worse (something which no doctor was able to understand much, they never heard anything like that). I am still suffering from incomplete evacuation, bloating, and fecal odour problem even after an year but at least I'm aware whats the problem and trying to handle it naturally by doing regular exercise to strengthen anal sphincter and pelvic floor muscles.Of late I started taking drugs to control constipation and gas and hope that muscles problem will get over if not in few months than an year at least

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