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New, Confused, and Feeling Miserable

Posted by debsmi1969 , 12 December 2020 · 525 views

Hello and Thank you for allowing me to vent and seek advice.  I'm 51 y/o female and have had IBS-D for about 5 years.  In the last year, particularily the last few months, it has gotten much worse. I just don't know if this is normal, or should I worry.  I'm going to see the GI doc in 2 weeks. 
Lately, if I eat, almost instantly, I feel bloated, and have loss of appetite.  I have abdominal discomfort, but not a lot, it's more so in my upper abdomen and back. When I have a BM (99.9% of the time it's diarrhea and it hits me fast) it alleviates the back and abdominal pain for a short bit, but it comes back. The back pain has been new in the last few months. It seems as though when the IBS flares up, so does the back pain. I'm just tired, I'm having frequent headaches, body/joint aches and fatigued. I just feel bloated and just crappy and I'm sick of feeling this way.  I don't eat fried foods, I stopped drinking alcohol (as a former social drinker), and even limited my caffiene and chocolate intake. Any advice anyone could offer would be much appreciated.

Hello @debsmi,


M sorry you are suffering .I have IBS-D for 7 years now and here are some things that have helped me and things that have not helped me.


Things that helped me :

(1)Fermented foods (kefir)


(3)I was on SSRI for many years ,my IBS symptoms started after i started this medication. I am currently trying to wane of the medication to see if it helps relieve symptoms.


Things that did not help me:

(1)Anti spasmodic

(2)Increasing my fiber intake


I am not sure if any of the above insights will be of any use to you because i have learned (through my interactions with so many people on this forum) that although everybody has the same symptoms , not every "remedy" works for everyone. 


I wish you the best

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