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Posted by em_t , 25 March 2011 · 756 views

All week I've had problems with incomplete evacuation, nausea, the whole shebang. My doctor prescribed me some Fleet enemas and I've had some success doing hot water and cold water enemas to try and help clear my bowel but now I've just given myself a $$$$$$ing haemorrhoid! I already have a tiny one but now I...


Just don't know what to do anymore ...

Posted by em_t , 13 March 2011 · 777 views

Just to warn you, this is gonna be a whingy blog entry. Am sick of spending everyday at the moment in pain, with nausea and feeling ill. After eating I feel so sick and get so bloated I can hardly breathe and walking is very awkward. I'm just tired of this way of life at the minute to be honest. I was supposed to go to the doctor's on Friday and...


Another transit test

Posted by em_t , 10 March 2011 · 646 views

So got another letter through from the hospital today and I've to do another transit test. My appointment's not until 15th April - bu t not looking forward to going through it again. I rang up the hospital because thought they must have made a mistake - but no ... they want me to do another one. Apparently the gastronenterologist meant to send me...


Bowel transit day 6

Posted by em_t , 25 February 2011 · 665 views

So its all over ... and guess what, most of the markers still left in me! Surprise, surprise! There wasn't a radiologist but I asked the radiographer were all the markers there and she said quite a few laughing, so guess diagnosis is slow transit - tell me something I didn't know! Will have to wait for the radiologist to write his report...


Bowel transit day 6

Posted by em_t , 25 February 2011 · 625 views

So last day of my bowel transit test. No radiologist was there but when I asked the radiographer how many were all the markers still there she said, "Well there's a fair few" so at least we know what it is - slow transit constipation. Didn't go at all apart from once on Sunday so will start the laxatives soon - joy! Was actually...


Bowel transit day 5

Posted by em_t , 24 February 2011 · 519 views

So, only one day to go ... starting to feel very uncomfortable now. Really needed to go this morning but couldn't, feel like my muscles just don't work anymore - physically unable to strain! Not been sleeping great either, keep getting cramping and gas pains in the middle of the night. Have a bit more energy after eating but very nauseous every...


Bowel transit day 4

Posted by em_t , 23 February 2011 · 586 views

So its day 4, and this time 2 days away I'll have been for my X ray and loading up on laxatives.
Starting to feel pretty fed up now, had been doing alright up until last night but after eating I'd chronic indigestion for a few hours (excessive belching, sounded like a pteradactyl because I'd such bad hiccups). Pretty irritable and cranky too,...


Bowel transit day 3

Posted by em_t , 22 February 2011 · 388 views

So today was the last of taking my glow in the dark magic pills and today's shape of the day was hoops! So come Friday my insides are likely to resemble the inside of a Cheerios box.

Finally plucked up the courage to eat something, which wasn't a snack and went overboard, and of all things ... peanuts! Should have stuck to low residue...


Bowel transit day 2

Posted by em_t , 21 February 2011 · 445 views

So, its day 2 of my transit study and not much to report. Actually managed to go to the toilet last night, all be it in the middle of the night - very strange, think it must have been the laxatives from the night before working their way out. Belly a lot more comfortable after that, but still felt like I need to go more and can't. Also bloated isn't...


Bowel transit day 1

Posted by em_t , 20 February 2011 · 605 views

Warning ... for those of a sensitive disposition, close your web browser now!

So today's the day, start taking the first of my bowel transit pills and couldn't have got off to a worse start! Wanted to be really "cleaned out" before starting to give my body the best chance of getting through this week, but as ever, my body...

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