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New to blog

Posted by Leah in Leah's Blog, 04 September 2020 · 111 views
IBS w/diarrhea

Hi. I have been dealing w/ ibs - d for about 2 years. Finally saw GI dr last week. He recommended new antibiotic xifaxan 500 mg tabs 2 x day. Has anyone tried this med? How have the results been? Thank you for your feed back. 


im giving it up

Posted by lalnunzira khawlhring in lalnunzira khawlhring's Blog, 22 January 2020 · 1547 views
i really need help

hi, ive been having ibs for more than 6 years now with no significant improvement even with advise and help of doctors.Initially ,i had flatulence problem in 11 standard, i used to be very embarrassed in the class and skipped the remaining classes in my school.Because of this painful and embarrassing ibs, i lost my girlfriend, friends and have no paln and...


IBS-C followed by rare fecal odour issue due to weak sphicter and pelvic floor muscles. Most doctors don't even believe until witness

Posted by Anynomous in Anynomous' Blog, 27 October 2019 · 1429 views

I was suffering from constipation and bloating issues due to IBS C triggered by stress/anxiety since post-graduation days. I ignored symptoms for 6 years at least and used to strain repeatedly in toilet to ensure evacuation as much as possible. By the time I decided to visit doctors post 6 years, the pelvic floor and anal sphincter muscles had become wea...


IBS with Diarrhea and Constipation

Posted by Salud41 in Salud41's Blog, 07 March 2019 · 1420 views

    I was diagnosed back in 2003 with Ulcerative Colitis.  A year later although I still had Colitis, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  I also suffer from Gastritis and Diverticulosis.  My IBS started with frequent diarrhea. I always had the urgency to go.  I went to the bathroom as many as 8 times in one d...


I'm new here

Posted by Marie Simbeck in Marie Simbeck's Blog, 04 February 2019 · 1703 views

I have had IBS-D for many years but it was not severe and was manageable. However in the past year or had become increasingly worse. I would have severe cramping and pain following a meal and diarrhea. I was prescribed discipline to take 15 minutes before meals and it did help with the pain and cramping. I still have frequent stools. Today however I had o...


IBS now for 3 years..

Posted by KS77 in KS77's Blog, 16 January 2019 · 1000 views

Hey everyone, I didn't think much of getting online guidance until now. Six months ago I did post on a baby bulletin regarding gastritis issues during pregnancy but it subsided quickly..My first episode with gastritis was three years ago. I had vomiting on just the first day, severe bloating (crazy bloating, extended stomach) for about three days followed...


Is that it?

Posted by NeverLearned2Swin in Meet Food, My New Enemy, 14 October 2018 · 1951 views

Never thought I'd be in this situation. 
I can't eat what I want anymore.
More specifically, I barely can eat anything.
It's frightening. 
Food always has been a joy for me. The taste of pasta with rich tomato sauce. A slice of chocolate cake while watching Masterpiece Theatre on a quiet Sunday night. Going to breakfa...


New to Support Groups

Posted by SydneyW in SydneyW's Blog, 29 September 2018 · 1063 views

This is the first time I've been on a support group website or ever in a support group. I'm going to be nineteen years old in October, I've had IBS since I was very little - probably five years old. It really started when I entered junior high school, when I had P.E. class in the mornings. My P.E. teachers were, of course, marathon runners and I hate runn...


teaching and IBS

Posted by bdmoorebsn in bdmoorebsn's Blog, 02 September 2018 · 1094 views

Three years ago I tripped over 1:50 chairs in my classroom and felt something pop.  A week later I am having serious abd pain, fever and guarding.  Seems had diverticulosis, unaware, and now had pocket of infection.  Weeks in/out hospital and 4" colon removed, I have struggled off and on with IBD and diverticulosis.  Usually my FP doc...


Manageable One Day and Then.....

Posted by Kathleen435 in Kathleen435's Blog, 25 August 2018 · 1409 views

I was diagnosed with IBM in my early 20's, but shouldn't have been surprised.  I come from a family of women who suffer from IBS and are from one end of the spectrum to the other end.  Up until now, I have had a very mild issue with IBS, although it did introduce itself to me in a slightly embarrassing way.  While at work one day, I got up...


Managing IBS Anxiety and Stress Triggers

Posted by ranking.jennifer in Jennifer's Blog, 24 August 2018 · 1746 views

It’s almost strange to think that gut can almost have a mind of its own when it comes to how it reacts with your nervous system. It controls your digestive system and how your gut acts in certain situations, such as how your nerves act when you’re in a situation where you feel a bit apprehensive. This can all contribute to how you can manage y...


Confused and Disgusted

Posted by pgpapergirl in pgpapergirl's Blog, 18 July 2018 · 1653 views

I am a 62 year old femaie with what I think is IBS.  I have had trouble with my bowels for most of my life.  Even as a young child I had major problems with stomach pains, etc.  For as long as I can remember, I have had to know if there would be a bathroom available where ever i went.  Its a terrible feeling when you have to run immedi...


My Story

Posted by Lilcutiel4 in Lilcutiel4's Blog, 16 July 2018 · 1366 views

Ive had IBS-D since I was 20 years old but wasnt diagnosed till I was 26. Ive been living this way for 14 years and have finally decided to join a support group because a lot of people around me cant fully relate to what Im going through. I generally stay away deform all dairy, spicy, and deep fried foods, but sometimes even a food I have eaten many times...


major change in bowel movements

Posted by laurenmd in laurenmd's Blog, 11 July 2018 · 1416 views

I have had IBS for 22 years. Initially, I had diarrhea for several months. Since that time, about 90% of the time I have normal bowel movements even though I have bloating and abdominal pain intermittently. The last 6 months, my bowel movements have become very small pieces, sometimes pencil thin, and I do not completely evacuate. I had a colonoscopy two...


Research and More Research

Posted by Ermine in Ermine's Blog, 27 June 2018 · 1118 views

Looking around for a ways to stop recurring problems and flare-ups because I can link much of my pain and flare-ups with specific foods yet I still was faltering with occasional stomach upsets during the height of a stressful work day which is exactly what I don't need at that time.   Before I found out I had IBS, I had such debilitating pain wh...


My Story

Posted by questforsolution in Nothing happens without a reason, not even IBS!, 13 June 2018 · 1378 views

Hey guys, I cannot believe I find myself on this blog. I am 23 years old rather fit male. I have gone through the cycle of going through such blogs filled with frustrations of IBS back in 2011. From then, I was always skeptic about these groups as I read about people suffering through these conditions for years. This information immediately gave me panic...


My Journey to Healing My Gut

Posted by nicarchu in My Journey, 10 June 2018 · 1588 views

Hey Guys, I'm working on sharing my story, and would love your feedback and thoughts on my journey:


For as long as I can remember, my life has been ruled by my stomach. Riddled with a constant stream of major stomach and digestive problems beginning as a child, I’ve had issues keeping down my food, and finding foods that wouldn...


Taking my first step

Posted by Jojo118 in Jo's Blog, 17 April 2018 · 1951 views
IBS, pain, constipation and 2 more...

This is my first ever blog on the site after enduring many years of pain and agony. ​I am 33 years old, female. I first started having problems with my digestion/stomach in August 2012. The pain was so bad I could not walk normally or lift my leg. I went to a walk-in centre and the nurse I saw there looked very worried and said I should get my...


Is there an 11 for pain ?

Posted by Esbess in Esbess' Blog, 24 February 2018 · 1897 views

If there's anyone that can advise I would be so grateful I'm new to this site and like many I would imagine we have suffered a long time without much relief and real answers , I'll try make it brief but there's a lot of history
I am 39 female
Don't smoke
Or drink
At the age of 15 was involved in bad car accident , the force of the crash pus...


Liquid poop for 4 days straight......

Posted by pinkgreysky in URGENT HELP, 02 February 2018 · 2501 views

Posting this here because i dont know where else to turn for help.
I've been having diarrhea for 4 days now. My stool has been completely in liquid form these past 4 days, with colours changing from brown to black and now dark brown again.  I've seen the doctor twice, taken diarrhea tablets, antibiotics, even gotten a jab, yet nothing seems to be wor...

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