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Posted 11 November 2020 - 11:55 PM

You have described my symptoms exactly Llyria except I am well past having periods. Sometimes after a prolonged “attack” of diarrhea over the course of a few hours, i am depleted. So weak I have to take a rest. I am beginning a regimen of more exercise and healthier diet to see if that helps.


Posted 04 June 2020 - 05:02 PM

I don't alternate like that.   For me I can have both diarrhea and constipation at the same time.  Actually it is more like diarrhea and incomplete evacuation.   I can go maybe 5 times in the morning...watery diarrhea and by afternoon feel like I'm not done but can't go more.  Most people take their digestion for granted.   Wouldn't that be nice.   I get so frustrated considering how much more I might have accomplished if I wasn't constantly having bowel problems.  Or maybe it's me making an excuse.  I read somewhere that President Kennedy may have had IBS.  He used Lomotil routinely apparently.   Didn't seem to set him back.


Posted 04 June 2020 - 01:05 AM

Hello everyone
I've originally had IBS-D but it seems it switched by itself to IBS-A after a 9 month remission. I am struggling with it for almost 3 months now. I have made a connection with my period and established that I am more prone to constipation after ovulation, and to diarrhea during the period-I know it is a hormone thing. Usually I have 2-3 days when I cannot have a BM even though I want to. It is very painful because of the urge and cramps and I am bloated to the point I look preagnant. After that when BM finally start I have them all day from normal ones to watery diarrhea until there is nothing left inside of me. There can be 10-12 BM and I feel like my body is purging itself in the most painful ways possible. I call this day the D-day.Then there is a period of few days(up to 10 days) with 3-4 BM a day-loose stools(number 5 Bristol chart) and I can literally feel my body preparing for constipation again. It is driving me crazy..not knowing wich day it's going to be until I wake up in the morning!!!
I plan all my activities in such a way that I can be at home when D-day comes and the day after but it is complicated and annoying.
Do you have simillar problems or is it just random and not connected to anything?

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