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Advice for a newly diagnosed?

new symptoms tips

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#1 johnboywamser


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Posted 29 December 2012 - 12:52 PM


Hey all,


I was recently diagnosed with IBS, and was hoping to get a few things from you guys, namely: 1) peace of mind, and 2) some advice for possibly achieving remission.


I am a male, only 22 years old, but lets just say I've had a "temperamental" gut for quite a few years.  This October, after a pretty intense weekend bender - lots of drinking, bad food - I had this terrible feeling of fullness/tightness/slight pain all up and down my left side.  I couldn't eat, and while I felt that I needed to use the restroom constantly, my BM's were always disappointingly low in volume and really thin and skinny.  


Long story short, my Dr. was pretty dismissive and diagnosed me with IBS, something I thought I might have had for many years.


Obviously the white elephant in the room/everyones mind with these symptoms, is some sort of colon or bowel cancer.  While I believe my Dr.'s diagnosis, and I know it is incredibly rare for people under 60 to have bowel cancer, I was hoping some of you with confirmed IBS might  be able to share your experiences with me to help put my mind at ease and offer some strategies to help me cope with symptoms.  Honestly at this point I almost feel like part of this discomfort is psychosomatic.


My symptoms:


Initially I had a notably diminished appetite, but that issue has pretty much subsided.


I have pain in my abdomen, initially it was relegated to only my left side, but now it pretty much moves around day to day, still predominantly on the left side.  Sometimes I have pain in my ribs and back, which seems strange to me.


Some parts of my abdomen are pretty tender when poked/touched.


I haven't noticed any blood that seems to be coming from inside me yet, though I have once in the past - a few years ago.  Just some stuff that feels like chafing from all the wiping on bad days.


My stools appear to have bulked back up to normal size, occasionally skinny.


Some days I feel pretty tired despite sleeping for 9 or more hours.


I'm an avid runner, and I've noticed that unless I consciously hold my core pretty tight, the slight jolt from each step causes pain, some days it can be pretty bad, like I'll have to stop halfway through and walk home.


Thank you for any input and strategies for mitigating symptoms!

#2 Goldfinch


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Posted 30 December 2012 - 08:13 PM

My first suggestion would be to get an appnt with a new gastro for a second opinion. While waiting for the appnt I would see if some type of elimination diet will relieve some of your symptoms. Take a look at the low fodmaps diet and think about it. Try eating only things which are not known to irritate the gut. No heavy drinking and no greasy fast food!


No one but a doc doing tests should attempt to diagnose you on the basis of pain alone. Are you mainly constipated? Or is it diarrhea? You don't really say, and that makes a difference for diagnosis and treatment.

#3 pukekonz


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Posted 01 January 2013 - 06:30 PM

try low fodmap diet which includes removal of dairy, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, and lectins.  Do that for 2 weeks and see how you feel.  That would be the first step imo.

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