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The stinky chronicles (my horrible daily symptoms)

ibs leakage anal anal leakage leaky gas

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#1 eminentdude


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 07:50 AM


I'm 29 and I've lived in Japan for 2 years. 15 years ago I was a drug addict and did everything. I was quite obese and also suffered from bulimia --- or at least I felt sick all the time, and was sick all the time. It's possible it could've been acid reflux. This is probably how I lost the weight. I think I used to strain on the toilet, and I've always had pains in my anus since I was a child. Also, at least since I lost weight, I've had this sense that I still need to poop after going for a poop. I will try to stop straining at all, as at times it pushes something to the entrance of the anus which is either a haemoroid or perhaps a partial prolapse?

I have faint recollections of staying on the loo when i was on drugs, and i was so out of it, I would (please don't read if you're easily grossed out) sometimes put my hand up there - so i may have damaged the inside of my anus then. 
I've noticed spicy food and milk products really increase the severity of this, so i'm trying to avoid them. I also had haemmoroids 10 years ago, and had them banded + some kind of operation where I was knocked out and they did something (I was pretty high, so I don't really remember much about that time! I also have suffered from anal fissures any time I've done excercise that lifts my legs too high! 

A few years ago I developed a sore tip of penis and it became red at the tip. To treat this I was given a very strong anti-biotic called azithromycin. It was hell, I couldn't sleep because of burning pains in my stomach. Since then I have developed a horrible smell. I am very hygienic and bath/shower twice a day. There is a kind of watery leakage in my underwear that is horrible and smells fishy. If I walk a lot it's worse and it may be kind of white in colour - but that could be the haemorrhoid cream i'm using. the worst thing are trains and wherever there is air conditioning! I have to change underwear 3 times a day, but even that can't save anyone. If I go round someone's house, the air con circulates the air, and pretty soon everyone's like 'who farted', 'it smells like a sweaty ass' and all these horrible comments I go along with - but i know it's me.
I am never fecally incontinent, I can always control when I will have a bowel movement, and I can often hold back from farting - at least it feels like it. But now I'm thinking, there must be fecal matter escaping all the time, or at least some sort of liquid from my stomach or something. I still have the soreness at tip of penis, sometimes burning after peeing, sometimes there is a little discharge after peeing (sometimes clear/sometimes cloudy). Sometimes there is a little mucus in stool. 
I ate spicy food yesterday and today it felt that even after a significant movement, my body still needed to release more. I've started seeing a new doctor and he initially gave me some anti-bacterial wipes that relieved the burning sensation i often have temporarily. This burning feeling is like diaper rash, and i have similar soreness on the tip of the penis. I think whatever liquid is seeping out is definitely partially causing this hot, sometimes itchy sensation.
When I was applying these wipes to the entrance of the anus, i noticed that if I haven't had a bowel movement in the morning, my sphincter is really really tight. In an afternoon after a movement, less so. 
I have a bowel movement usually once/twice a day, 6 times a week, though there's always one day a week when my body slows down and i don't go that day. THE NEXT DAY IS ALWAYS POOP HELL! Jesus this is embarassing. I always eat fruit and vegetables, but maybe my diet is a little carb heavy. Symptoms seem to be made worse by caffeine, milk, spices and orange juice I will try a low carb diet this week and try and cut some of the problem foods. Also I have burning pain in my stomach quite often. 

I've had depression, agoraphobia and OCD for 10 years, so I'll be damned if I'm going to let this ruin my life. I'm still going to try and meet girls and have a life... but it's really difficult when every day you encounter someone who remarks about a horrible smell - every day of your life. 
I'm not sure if I have permanently damaged my anus, whether anti-biotics (and hard chemical drugs) have permanently destroyed my stomach and there's some deadly acid flowing out or whether there's anything I can do, but I have to try. Or maybe I just need a very long course + doctor prescribed dose of pro-biotics. 

I'm going for an examination of the stomach - a  Stomach fiberscopy to see if there are any signs there. Then I will have a colonoscopy and an examination of the urinary tract. then I will test for  SIBO and hopefully get abdomen x-ray , anything that may help me. I'd appreciate any advice from anyone else plagued by these symptoms!! I want to start excercising - as i currently don't, and i was wondering if jogging is a good one for improving sphincter muscles?  

I would appreciate any advice on this!

Whatever you're going through, stay strong. People will love you even if you have a horrible , embarassing, awkward illness! 

Kind regards.



#2 saladdodger


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 07:39 PM

Hi, this cannot be nice at all to live with at all. Im not sure if you can permanently damage your anus without knowing. Surely not your entire hand up there?? Ouch




After reading your post I would like to suggest you go ahead with the examinations as they will definitely show up any issue. 


My opinion is that you may have an STD/parasite which could be causing the issue with your penis??? Did the doctors test for this? 


The leakage and smell could be linked also dude, you may have a bad bug which lives in the stomach/poop/urine so its making matters worse.


The food you eat could be fermenting making an 'ass' smell, like too many veg, I know when I was bad/am bad I will leak slightly as my body is cramping and having spasms that it wants to push poop out all the time. I reckon you need to get these test done and see what they say.


Try the BRAT diet for a few months to see what happens, google it and have a read. Have you tried loperamide (Imodium) to see if it stops the leaks and maybe an acid indigestion tablet to prevent any acid build up, something like Zantac.


Good luck dude and stay positive OK

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 09:05 AM

Thanks for your support, it means a lot. :) I have just had a colonoscopy and fiberoscopy, and the good news, is that internally I seem to be pretty healthy. some gastro-intestinal damage, but nothing too serious.  I am now arranging for a major investigation of urine/front end stuff as I do experience burning when I pee every day. Unfortunately as you may know, sometimes these things take a long time to arrange - or even validate happening. Unfortunately the hospital I have been to so far doesn't 'put patients under', and I know I will black out from the pain of the examination, so I will have to arrange the examinations somewhere that will knock me out! I've taken down your suggestions, and I will ask my doctor what he thinks too. I have been cleared for STDs, so the most likely suspect may be a urinary infection or something more serious. I'm a pretty regular guy (i poop daily), although the guy that did my examination did say 'that's an impressively long colon!' so maybe something isn't quite working digestively. I've started eating less vegetables and taking good bacteria tablets. My doctor may recommend some gastric medicine - so I will try everything . Wish me luck... my life is stupid embarassing but still very worthwhile.  I will try a more plain diet, exercise and fiber supplement and go from there. Thanks again for your support.    


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