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Natural Supplements,diet, and tips that help with symptoms

Natural Health supplements

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Posted 03 February 2013 - 01:23 AM


First off a little about myself I have suffered from IBS for as long as I could remember, probably all throughout elementary I was shy and antisocial. 7th Grade I realized sugar didn't make me feel good so I tried to stop eating it. (emphasize TRIED) 9th grade I had frequent and reocurring problems with constipation usually on nights after a large steak my dad would make. Then in 10th grade I struggled with severe depression. I started to figure out what was going on with me because I really couldn't afford a doctor. Plus I used lots of health food supplements some worked others didn't. So now here I am 25 and doing 100X better but still struggling pretty hard sometimes. Here is what I have found that helps me, and feel free to share your things too!



Psyllium husk - 2 Tbsp in 16 oz of water every night after dinner does wonders for my constipation!!

Probiotics - 50-100 billion cultures, 1 pill a night with psyllium husk  - really really helps with mood/depression and constipation!!

Anti-yeast herbs- Rosemary works great! also Oregano oil, Pau d'arco, or other anti-yeast/candida concoctions are a must!

Nettle - take as needed- works really well to help with my food allergies.

Quercitin, bromelain, Vitamin C - take as needed- also works really well for allergies

Tumeric extract (curcumin) - helps with bowel inflammation and constipation.


Dietary considerations:

Avoid food allergies at all costs!! Mine are: wheat, spelt, fish, Almonds and others.

If you are like me, whatever you do do not eat Hot peppers!! Hot pepper are the worst of all. It irritates your stomach and makes symptoms ten times worse!

Even things like ginger and cinnamon cause me some issues albeit very small issues. They cause a receptor called TRPV1 in your cells to take in calcium which will make it feel hot but if you are over sensitive it can irritate and even kill you cells causing worse inflammation.At least I believe that is the case for me.

Fiber gives some people problems, you might want to avoid too much rough fiber and eat the soft stuff like the soluble fibers and the mucilages like psyllium.

I have found that avoiding grains helps gut motility quite a bit. For some reason processing any grains is difficult.

Fasting has helped me in the past, especially if done on herbal tea.

Avoid sugar! Sugar in any form (fruit, vegetable, honey, sweets) they all give me terribly high libido, I can't stop looking and thinking about girls. I am sure my wife, when I find one, will love that when I can't stop looking at her. smile.png Although sugar also gives me insomnia, and makes me grumpy so I don't like that at all.


Life style considerations:

Think positive thoughts! Count your blessings and just accept life for how it is right now but have hope for the future.

Have Faith in God he will guide you to be happy however terrible your situation!!

Get plenty of sleep! Much sleep is much needed.


Please share your own considerations for helping us deal with this tough disease. What has helped you survive?


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