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I cant' believe this is how my life is now... :( what else can I do?

post infectious amiltriptyline castor oil packs

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#1 Diane Z

Diane Z

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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:44 PM




I'm so glad this forum is here. I need to vent and ask for advice I suppose. I've had ibs since 2007 after having salmonlla poisoning. Like the rest of you, after many tests, trying medicines, etc.... the final diagnosis is post infectious ibs and now also barrett's esophagus from all the throwing up. I used to work full time, I used to make jewelry and do about 15 craft shows a year, I used to go where ever I wanted to, whenever i wanted to..There is so much I USED to do. A few weeks ago I finally had my disability hearing and I won after waiting almost a year and a half for that hearing!! What a huge victory and I was so happy yet I'm also sad cuz I cant' believe I have to keep living like this. I can't take it anymore sad.png The horrible pain, the throwing up, the wondering "is today going to be a good day or a bad day"...etc etc etc.


What do you all do??? It absolutely boggles my mind that NOTHING is working to get this under control. I go online almost daily doing searches of things to try. Now I may try castor oil packs as I used that for a different issue with good results.Has anyone here done castor oil packs with good results??


 Last week I spoke to a healer..well that was quite interesting...according to him I have demons or something attached to me and that is causing the problem...so for $2000.00 he can remove the demons!! ok yeah whatever lol


Have I missed anything??? tried bentyl - throw it up, tried immodium - throw it up...how about amiltriptyline?? can I hear from the people who have taken it? Just got it..a little scared to take it as I take meds for tachycardia and that is a side effect of that pill I hear...I suppose the doc wouldnt' have given it to me if he thought I'd have a problem but still...I also hear you feel drugged and tired...(just great)...can anyone tell me their experiances good and bad with that pill? oh Its also on the paperwork about being careful in the sun?? really?? I live to be in the sun...hmmmm


also what else have you all tried?


This issue has become all consuming.... sad.png


thanks for "listening"

#2 urbanfresh


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 06:43 PM

So is it IBS-D that you suffer from? I have taken amitriptellene on and off for 2 years and like everything else, it's a personal thing. For some people it's great and for others not so much. It does make you feel a bit sleepy at first (especially when the alarm first goes off in the morning) BUT your body does adapt. I find that on a normal basis it's very effective. But if I'm having a really bad flare (as I am just now - the worst I have ever had infact) then nothing really helps except Imodium everyday and Codiene (which the doctors are very hesitant to prescribe as it is highly addictive). Amitriptellene is probably most effective for people who suffer from IBS with anxiety as it 'takes the edge off' as they say. It just relaxes the gut so it doesn't go into spasm.


I would try it. It could just be the thing that makes you feel lots better - I have heard many positive success stories with it. I have tried anti-spasmodics: Mebeverine and Buscopan. I preferred Mebeverine but again it is personal to your body. I've also tried PPIs when I'm having upper GI problems which I have found effective as well as Zantac which I found ok. What else...I think that's the lot. The USA have more meds available than UK however so you might be able to find more. I tried to get Zantac from my doctor to find out that the family of meds that Zantac belongs to haven't been introduced to the UK.


I'm sorry you're feeling down about it all, sometimes you just can't control the emotional side of it but just stay as positive as possible, and I find that keeping busy helps, it can take your mind off everything!

#3 SLaurenAlise


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Posted 21 April 2013 - 05:49 AM

I haven't got much advice to give you about drugs - I have IBS-D but I am trying to control it through diet and natural supplements.  The closest thing to a drug that I have used is Imodium.


I can definitely offer you some encouragement and solidarity, though.  I know exactly what you mean about all the things you USED to do.  I am a jewelry-maker (as a hobby only) but I don't have the energy and motivation to pull out all my beads and tools and make a mess anymore.  Same for my (expensive) watercolor paint set... no energy or motivation.  I USED to go on long walks with my husband, but now I'm afraid to be too far away from a toilet, so he goes on walks by himself, which is no fun for either of us.  I'm grateful that I love to read and I can still spend a lot of time doing that... and watching movies... but it's depressing to have such a narrow life.


And eating out when I'm far from home?  Traveling? Forget it.  We dreamed of going to Rome, Venice, Barcelona... but all of that is on hold... who knows if it will even be possible at any point.  I may just be stuck reading books and watching movies about Italy, Spain and Greece instead of going there myself.  I'm not sure if it's nice that I can at least look at pictures, listen to stories and watch video clips about beautiful foreign destinations, or if I would be happier not knowing that they exist.


Changing the subject a bit, though, can I ask exactly why you are throwing up so much?  I get a lot of nausea which I think mainly stems from my cramping and spastic bowel movements, but I don't throw up a whole lot.  I haven't heard of anyone else who throws up that much with IBS, either... but that may just be my limited experience, or the fact that everyone's IBS is different.  You definitely have my sympathy -- I think throwing up all the time would be even worse than my attacks of diarrhea.


My own experience with nausea leads me to suggest Peppermint, Fennel, Chamomile and Ginger teas.  These can be prepared with or without sugar/agave/honey and milk/creamer, depending on your personal taste, but I always find them soothing to both my stomach/intestinal tract and to my mood.  A cup of tea helps calm the nerves, etc... except if you can't keep it down.  I don't know how often you get nauseous vs. how often you throw up, but if you're starting to get nauseous, try the teas?  Peppermint oil extract, Peppermint Oil capsules, Fennel extract and Fennel capsules can all be helpful, too... but each person is different, so if you try these, you might try one at a time.


Let me know what you think about these ideas.  And what kind of jewelry you make.  (Let's say make, not made... we'll figure out how to get control of our health and our lives again, and then we'll go back to making jewelry!  smile.png )

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