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pregnancy question

pregnant; pelvic pain; cramp

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Posted 18 July 2013 - 07:05 AM


Hi fellow female IBSers,


  It's been a very long time since I've posted on this website, but I remember how helpful it was when I was newly diagnosed with IBS.  So I figured there might be some women with some experience/insight for me now, too!  I just recently found out that I'm pregnant (10 weeks), and wanted to see how IBS has affected other people's pregnancies.  I know some of these questions are ones I should ask my doctor, and I will, but my first appointment isn't for another week and a half and I was hoping for a little more piece of mind in the meantime.  I know from reading other literature that sometimes a person's IBS symptoms can change when they are pregnant, and sometimes they don't.  Personally, I'm usually IBS-D, and I'm still experiencing diarrhea, but also some constipation.  Could this be due to my prenatal vitamins I've been taking?  They have iron, which I believe is constipating?  Also, I've been experiencing my usual abdominal cramping and small amount of pelvic pain, which I often experienced pre-pregnancy.  Of course, my anxiety is a little heightened because I'm worrying that the cramping and pain could affect the baby -- is this a valid concern?  Have other women continued to experience pain from their IBS during pregnancy and it be ok?  Lastly, do I need to be concerned about the nutrients my baby might not be getting enough of?  I have a bunch of food intolerances (whoopie), and don't want to deprive my body of what it might need at this time, but at the same time I don't want to make myself sick.  Anyway, sorry for all the questions and any advice, answers, and/or encouragement you can provide would be really really appreciated.   Thank you!!



#2 Kathleen M.

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Posted 18 July 2013 - 08:29 AM

Could be from the vitamins, as they do tend to have enough of the constipating vitamins/minerals to overbalance the ones in there that tend to loosen up the stools.  Although I think generally pregnancy tends to be a bit constipating for anyone.  I don't know how much is hormonal vs how much is the colon can't move things along as well when there is something squishing it off to the sides more than usual.


I don't think any cramping or pain from IBS will effect the baby (other than your overall stress levels), but it may be good to ask the doctor if there is some indication it may not be your usual abdominal pain and you need to be checked.


Generally IBS doesn't seem to effect outcomes of pregnancies, but pregnancy often effects the IBS (either a change in symptoms or a reduction in symptoms, rarely an increase in symptoms).


You might bring a log of what you eat over the course of a couple of days and ask the doctor if based on that you may need to see a dietitian to make sure you eat in a way that works with your intolerances but still keeps you and the baby well nourished.  It may be the vitamins you are taking will be enough to counter any diet issues.

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Posted 23 July 2020 - 04:41 AM

Last weekend I had these really horrible cramps and I couldnt move. The doctor told me it was just indigestion coupled with dysmenorrhea so he just gave me some medicine for that. However, it has been several days already and the pain has concentrated on my upper central abdomen. It wakes me up every hour at night and I'm having trouble eating because I feel like my stomach is extremely bloated. I'm also having trouble walking because the pain would make me want to just lie down. I took an ultrasound yesterday and the results said I was just gassy and my kidney pancreas and liver were clean, but they werent sure and said I should get a blood check or a urinalysis. What could this be? I'm just so tired already because I havent been able to sleep for the past couple of days from the pain.


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