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Anafranil-Colgout treatment

gut motility neurotransmitters constipation fatigue malabsorbtion brain fog nervous distress

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#1 Milton-J


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Posted 31 October 2013 - 06:00 AM


Hi All,

          don't see much discussion about this so here goes. I have been restored to normal life thanks mainly to drug called Anafranil, which is classic treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Even children will stop compulsive hand washing after taking this. However the main benefit I get is for chronic fatigue/ nutrient malabsorbtion and IBS. It is a tricyclic anti-depressant which helps with serotonin levels. Before taking it I was at least 35% below my normal weight, had food intolerance like crazy, no matter what I ate it seemed. My mood/energy/digestion were up and down like a yo-yo, very poor sleep, I was insanely anxious and depressed about it all.


Doctors did not seem to know where to start. Tests showed very little apart from Hypoglycaemia after 4 hr GTT. But thanks to one doctor I was restored to almost normal function. He started me on 10mg, then 20, then 40 per week to check for side effects and when I hit 75mg things started to change. I began to put on weight and not have food intolerance. Still don't tolerate sugar or even sweet fruit but can easily live with that. Avoid all grains now also but that took a while to figure out. Anyway main thing I came to understand was that my problem was really brain chemistry, or rather CNS chemistry since gut is so closely connected with nerves and spine. The only way I survived up until then was by having extremely hot baths with serious amounts of Epsom Salt (about 4 cups) that would give me relief for couple of hours. So put weight back on and was able to get back to work. After 5 years without normal bowel motion started to actually have them but was constipated. Fiber didn't. help, Metamucil etc Different doctor put me on COLGOUT (colchicine) which is classic treatment for Gout (which I don't have) but I'm taking it for the side-effect which is diarrhoea (for a normal patient) That has worked pretty good for past 10 years, better than any laxative because it helps the colon retain fluid somehow. It's not perfect, have come very close to embarrassing moments at times because when nature calls, I sometimes get very short notice!! 


These drugs probably don't work for everyone but they sure work for me. Hope this helps someone. I just discovered there is a 24hr urine test to measure serotonin. Will ask my doctor to have it next time I see him. It is used in cancer treatment because some tumours excrete it. Serotonin also closely related to melatonin, which I sometimes take to get me off to sleep. They are both Monoamines. Would explain all the trouble I had sleeping before drug treatment.

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Posted 22 May 2014 - 05:03 AM

Awesome!  Glad Anafranil works for you.  I took it briefly in high school for OCD, but it caused massive weight gain so I quit after a few months.  My nose was constantly bloody, eyes were dry and I could not stop eating sweets.  Now my brother takes it for OCD (awesome genetics in my family, haha) and it does nothing for him--good or bad.


I will say that I've NEVER slept as deeply as I did on Anaf. It's physically impossible to be anxious on it because it knocks you out cold!  ;) 

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