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Understanding this bowel pattern - little hard, smooth thereafter

Hirschsprung disease rectal-dryness rectal-itching sleep gas painful bowel movement anorectal manometry rectal pain

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#1 IndianRopeTrick


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Posted 11 February 2014 - 11:14 AM


I often have a bowel movement which is hard in the beginning, but smooth thereafter. The hard part is about 10-20% of the length. Sometimes it is not smooth and even incomplete, or even followed by diarrhea. But the initial hardness is always there. I always
had frequent constipation and rectal itching (no pain) as a child. But, I my sleep was usually excellent. So, it went unnoticed. 


When I got IBS in my late teens, this rectal pain only became much worse and was possibly one of the reasons for my lack of good, consistent sleep.


I wonder if this is due to an inherent flaw in my body. Perhaps my rectum absorbs too much water or cannot lubricate the stool in the beginning. I was reading about Hirschsprung's disease which I luckily found in a book (making sense of IBS). This seems to be worth

looking into further. The books says that it can be diagnosed with anorectal manometry.


Has anyone had similar problems and/or an anorectal manometry ?



IBS Free after about 8 years ! Now, I am living with a small Hiatal hernia and fixing my sleep problems. Not too bad.

#2 tummyrumbles


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Posted 11 February 2014 - 05:01 PM

What's your diet and fluid intake like? I have a pot of tea every night and morning which is probably why they're always mushy. I googled this condition and a lot of people have it.




I noticed one of the repliers mentioned that he ate lots of fibre, which included brown rice. I've found rice to be highly constipating.




Maybe try going wheat and flour free for a couple of days as so many people feel better after this. I know high FODMAPs can be constipating and I always imagined them being constipating in an irritating way but maybe for some people they're just constipating in the drying out way. I go every day so my form of constipation is a long delay between BMs. This is aggravated by foods I'm intolerant to, which includes foods too high in fibre, stringy tough fibre, all flours, boiled and fried rice (I tolerate rice cereals better).


You could try a diet that mainly consists of gentle, easy to digest fibre which is generally easiest to come out. Try keeping the meat or fish segment to one small piece. Banana should be all you need for fruit. Try a salad with cheese / egg for lunch but grate or shred all the raw veges as these can be irritating too.

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#3 annie7


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Posted 11 February 2014 - 06:07 PM

Hi Indian Rope Trick


about the anorectal manometry. i had one of those last january and am scheduled for another one the end of march, as follow up to last summer's biofeedback therapy for my pelvic floor dysfunction--to see if it helped at all.


it takes about 45 minutes or so.  not a difficult test, IMHO. and it's well worth it. it can dx a number of things.


for me, last year's ARM as they call this test was very informative. i just managed to get a copy of it last week. it confirmed  my defogram dx of pelvic floor dysfunction. also--with the balloon part of it-- i was totally unable to push out the balloon--in fact, i couldn't even feel it even when he inflated it to the max. according to this part of the  test,  this indicated significant rectal hyposensitivity which the  gastro doc thought was due to megarectum...biofeedback was recommended as a possible help with the pelvic floor tightness.  from the little i've read about all this there's not much  they can do about the hyposensitivity and megarectum but i'll find out more about that when i see this gastro march 6. 


i don't know much about hirschsprung's......good luck to you with everything....hope you can get it all sorted out.

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these are just my own thoughts. for expert medical advice please contact a health care professional.

#4 snake


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Posted 12 February 2014 - 03:53 PM



I get the EXACT same thing as you. Hard at the start with straining, then the rest is soft. I also have GERD which you have too right? I wonder if there's a connection (slight gastroparesis maybe?). For me I suspect I have a very slow transit so the stool dries out. It tends to dry out more at the end because that's been in your body the longest.


My GI gave me Linzess which helps, but I don't like masking the symptoms. I'm trying low FODMAP soon, maybe that's an option? It's easy to try, there's even an app from the monash university (the people who came up with the diet). The app makes it easy to shop for low FODMAP stuff and make recipes etc.

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