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a story about a smelly odour, IBD & stomach acids....

IBD stomach acids odours

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#1 flashheart88


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Posted 15 February 2014 - 10:29 PM




I've always been a sociable lad, always out enjoying life. love my family, had a close group of friends and the start of a decent career until two and a half years ago, when that all started to change....


I started to notice people holding there noses when I was near them and started to hear comments like "has someone farted??" & "can someone smell sh*t??""... which I ignored to start with but then it became more regular & I realised they were talking about me!!, which I couldn't understand because I've always been a fit young lad who eats right, showers daily and exercises so I really didn't know where the smell was coming from...


this put me into a massive depression because I didn't know what was causing it or how to stop it. As the depression set in, I became a lot more quiet and a lot less social. people started to notice a change in me but when they asked what was wrong, I was too embarrassed to say it was because of how bad I smell and the more I got depressed, the more I started to lose contact with people.


during this time, my friends stopped speaking to me and what really annoyed me was for some reason they thought I was doing it on purpose!! but why would I go from being a sociable lad to the complete opposite. it didn't make any sense but that was the least of my worries... because along with my friends thinking this, my family also started to think the same which shocked me the most and if anything, just made me more depressed... And its also safe to say my sex life took a downward spiral too.


as the smell got worse, so did my depression... I couldn't face stepping out the door and the only time I left the house was to go to work but because I was too paranoid at this stage to be around large groups of people. I decided to get a taxi to work everyday because in my head, 1 person smelling how bad I am is better than a whole carriage full of people on the train & anyone else I walked passed smelling how bad I am.


when I got to work, I would get in, not speak to anyone, do my work and leave. my shift would only last 5 hours but it was always the longest 5 hours of the day... So this went on for nearly 2 years, until I finally plucked up the courage to go to my GP/doctor.


I told my doctor what had happened and mentioned my symptom's, which by now were the following:-


- I was severely depressed.

- I was really smelly and didn't know why.....

- my breath started to smell.

- my bowel movements gradually started to alternate between being constipated & having diarrhoea.

- sometimes I noticed a pain in my belly, which was like wind but a lot worse.


to start with my doctor hinted that it was all in my head and I should go see a councillor, which was a tad frustrating and a bit annoying to hear but eventually, the doctor did blood tests and a stool sample, which came back fine so he referred me to the specialist to have a camera put up me... but the camera couldn't find any inflammation of the bowel or anything unusual so I was back to square one and it was back to the doctor...


the doctor again started to hint at it being in my head and I was just imagining it, which was so frustrating and even more annoying than last time to hear him say that.. so this time he suggested I might have an Irritable bowel disorder and I was to keep a food diary, in case it was certain foods that would set off the smell because he thought maybe my digestive system wasn't digesting certain foods correctly... but after a 4 week diary, we were still none-the-wiser... so once again he referred me to a different specialist, who then reviewed my situation and after sticking his finger in my back passage, he said he found a "skin tag"...


he thinks when I have a bowel movement and as I wipe clean, he thinks the "skin tag" might be trapping poo behind it and this is why people can smell poo or think I've farted. so he has referred me to the surgeon to review me and to operate and remove this "skin tag"...


I see the surgeon on the 27th February, so just less than 2 weeks to go and hopefully, the surgeon will make a appointment to remove this skin tag and see if that makes much, if any, difference with regards to the smell...  I'm still not confident this will solve all my problems but I guess its a start. he also thinks my stomach acids are causing my bad breath so he's took more blood tests and another stool sample to check and if it comes back positive, then he's going to give me "anti-acids" (I think that's how its spelled) to calm down my stomach acids...


sorry for this being a tad long-winded but thank you for reading and hope its ok to ask a couple questions about my symptoms and what others thought about them or if others had experienced similar symptoms....


if you suffer from being smelly, like me, how has this affected your day-to-day life? do you still go out? do you still have a boyfriend or girlfriend or if you are single, do you still go on dates? how have your friends, family & work colleagues reacted to your smell??


again, thank you for reading this (very, very) long message. I started writing this just to get it off my chest but it would be nice to hear from people around my age (25 years old) and/or people in a similar situation.


Many thanks,




#2 tummyrumbles


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Posted 16 February 2014 - 01:26 AM

I think you've got IBS-Gas (which doesn't seem to be a category here, but never mind). I've got this too, and had the same symptoms as you all of my life. We seem to have a problem with malabsorption of food, which means we not only have problems moving out stool, but the stool itself is gassy as well. I'm not sure whether it's enzymes, bacteria, or how the colon itself reacts or maybe all of these things but a lot of us have had luck with changing our diet. I'd have a look at the DIET section of this forum first. I had to cut out refined white flour, rice, foods very high in fibre and most high FODMAPs (google these).


The main cure for this condition is complete evacuation but this is easier with a good diet. A lot of IBS-C and IBS-Gas members get skin tags, hemorrhoids etc from straining. It's really hard not to strain when you're in the toilet and you're running out of time and starting to panic a little. Maybe get up earlier and give yourself lots of time. 

My Wordpress blog: http://ibsnaturalcure.wordpress.com







#3 flashheart88


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Posted 20 February 2014 - 03:56 PM

hi tummyrumbles,  


I will go and have a look at the diet section and hopefully it will shed some light on things because I've tried changing my diet in the past but found it difficult working out what foods to cut out and what foods to continue eating....


am I right in guessing that now you have your condition under control, there isn't any smell coming from you or has the smell never really effected you much? & sorry, I know this next bit isn't a very nice thing to talk about but for me, the smell is disgusting although it seems to differ from day to day, which is really annoying.


Thank you for your reply and all of your advice. much appreciated.

#4 Afoodjourney


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Posted 23 February 2014 - 01:53 AM

I would definitely try a dietary change. I follow a grain free, dairy free, bean free, nightshade free, paleo,low FODMAP, diet ( I basically eat baked chicken and lettuce it's really sucky) but my life is turning around for it, the idea is to get my bacteria in my tummy back in line so I can build up tolerance for food. But believe me I'm only doing this because I doNOT want to have to sit another night out because I'm feeling gassy and the pain and shame of being the smelly one is overpowering. I don't blame you for feeling compelled to become anti-social, there is a huge stigma about this, and i feel for your pain, especially that you can't get answers. DO NOT let doctors tell you you're crazy. If it came on that sudden maybe you have a parasite or something that triggered it? I know you got tests.... Try activated charcoal supplements, take them before you eat. Charcoal has like a billion binding sites on it so it absorbs gasses. Try cutting out food groups associated with bad smells. Like protein rich foods are nitrogen based (beans etc) or sulfurous eggs or ... I'm just pulling stuff out of the air now, but TRY. You get one life, don't let this nonsense win yet. It could be a hormone thing, get your thyroid tested.
As far as being social, maybe try getting involved in stuff where people can't smell you. Cycling, swimming, ultimate frisbee... And then be honest if it comes up. Say that's me, I don't know why, I'm trying everything I can. Maybe you'll meet someone with some answers, or the lady of your dreams who does not care. You'll find people who can overcome that one fact.
Idk, good luck

I'm a 23 yo female, and I'm working on becoming social with this factor of my life.

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