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Mystery IBS- please help!

IBS mystery gas cramping bloating nausea

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Posted 11 March 2014 - 01:20 AM


I'm new to the site, and have been dealing with what you could call “mystery IBS” for over two years now.  I am becoming so depressed and lost over this situation that I do not know what to do with myself anymore.  If anyone has any suggestions on diagnoses, or advice in general I would appreciate it more than you know.


A little background on me in case it helps anything: I’m a generally healthy 22-year-old female at 5’4 and 127 pounds give or take.  I do not regularly work out, but I’d like to think that I eat somewhat decently.  My pre existing health conditions include mitral valve prolapse (a not so serious heart condition), and general anxiety.  The only medication I regularly take is Reclipsen (birth control).  I have what appears to be a low immune system as I have contracted a MRSA infection, anal abscesses, and a skin condition called molluscum.  I also have eczema on my legs, which is currently reappearing after many years.  Finally, I get yeast infections chronically.


About two years ago I started getting unbelievable intestinal cramping after eating.  Often when this happened, if I were to continue eating the problem would just get worse.  It happened very frequently, but it was not consistent (as it didn’t happen every day).  The cramping made it uncomfortable to walk, made me very bloated, and was accompanied by a lot of gas.  Often, it would last for a few days at a time, and no drug store medication would help.  The only thing that would make it feel better was bowel movements.


I seemed to go through periods of this where it would happen a lot over the course of the last two years.  However, back about 4 months ago, it became consistent.  I began to get extreme gas after eating things, even if the cramping wasn’t very intense.  I have bowel movements immediately after eating most of the time now (IBS) and they are usually fairly loose, a bit muscusy, have a rotten egg smell, and are sometimes greenish.  The problem I am having is these episodes are not consistent with any food that I can think of.  I tried gluten-free (completely) for a bit, and it did not help.  Also, I have never had problems with beer, I usually eat bread and feel fine, and when I eat meals with little to no gluten I still get symptoms such as these.


The intense cramping episodes are a lot rarer than they used to be, but still happen.  Now, I deal with a lot of heartburn, brain fog, and nausea, and an unbelievable amount of gas and bowel movements after eating virtually anything.   Additionally, I have eczema, although that could also be unrelated. I barely eat anything with lactose now, I eat less gluten than ever before, and I see no change.  I had an endoscopy done last year, stool tests, and blood tests. I was negative for celiac disease on all tests (although, yes I am aware you can still be intolerant), and negative for the bacteria they checked in the stool tests.  My doctor prescribed me Bentyl which helped a little bit but not enough to be taking a pill 3 times every day.


The only things that seem to aid me in these episodes, although hardly enough, are tea, sleep, and again, bowel movements.  I am looking into things such as parasites, yeast overgrowth, and possibly even fructose malabsorption, but I unfortunately am racking up the bills and cannot afford all of these tests.  I am so tired of feeling sick, self-conscious, gassy, etc.  I get nervous to eat anything, and my digestive track is gurgling 24/7.


I’m seeing an allergist this week although I doubt that will help much.  Please, if anyone has any ideas of what could be going on I would love to hear them.  Anything! I’m becoming so depressed and miserable over this that I find it hard to get out of bed most days.  It’s ruining my life, my relationship, and everything.  Thanks so much for any help.I have been dealing with what you could call “mystery IBS” for over two years now.  I am becoming so depressed and lost over this situation that I do not know what to do with myself anymore.  If anyone has any suggestions on diagnoses, or advice in general I would appreciate it more than you know.



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Posted 11 March 2014 - 05:42 AM

You could try the low fodmap diet without getting testing (while you have limited some of the items on this diet you may still be eating more fodmaps overall than you can tolerate).  Have you tried a good quality probiotic?


I wouldn't spend money on yeast testing.  Most of the alternative tests for that say everyone has it, so if you wanted to do the yeast diet and supplements for 2-3 years before giving up on them the way a lot of practitioners say you have to (and some will try to keep you on them forever as they are just sure eventually they will do something), you could do that on your own and save some of the cost. 


Most people don't have anything show up on any of the tests, so I guess all IBS is mystery IBS. :)

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