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Anyone have/had a rectal prolapse? Anyone take/taken Rifaximin/Xifaxan?

rectal prolapse rifaximin xifaxan gas bloating

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#1 rewinj


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Posted 22 July 2014 - 07:11 PM


I’m a 30 year old male who developed a rectal prolapse and will be getting surgery within the month. I have a couple questions for those who have experienced this condition. My problems started 3 years ago… after a bout of extreme constipaiton, once I had things returning to move I began dealing with COPIOUS amounts of GAS. This gas would build up over and over again all day, requiring me to get in the knee-chest position on the ground 15+ times to release huge swaths of gas. The resulting gas pain, nausea, etc. has been my primary concern for the past 3 years, with the prolapse only actually being diagnosed a year ago once it started to become full-thickness. My colorectal surgeon theorizes that the intussuception developed at this point, and is the primary cause of all this gas buildup. Does this ring true with others experiences? Was/is EXTREME gas a problem for you after the prolapse began? I was still having very large regular bowel movements, but feeling like they were incomplete, and was always told I had ‘fecal loading’ throughout the colon upon X-Rays…. 

Quite confused as to whether the prolapse is primary here, or whether an undiagnosed bacterial overgrowth is.... 

So the reason I’m so curious as to whether major trapped gas has been a primary/typical symptom for others is that I have $500 worth of strong antibiotics (Rifaximin/Xifaxan) sitting on my counter. I am debating whether to take these drugs before getting surgery. The surgeon actually delayed the surgery so I could try them (upon my request, which he thought sounded sensible). These drugs could wipe out my gas (assuming its not primarily due to the prolapse), allowing for a more successful recovery (?). They could also possibly wreck my motility and end up giving me bad constipation on top of the gas, or make me more prone to secondary infections. That would obviously be bad for surgery recover, but so would bloating up like a hot air balloon after eating ANYTHING… and I want to come out of this with my rectum useable. 

Any advice at allsmiley__confused.gif 

A ) Was/is severe gas a major symptom of your rectal prolapse? 
B ) Should I take the antibiotic prior to surgery? (I need to decide ASAP...) 

#2 Ouchie81


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Posted 23 July 2014 - 07:16 AM


I'm not sure about your medications. Maybe the dr could help?

I was diagnosed today with an internal prolapse. I am terrified. I have the issue with gas also, I try and avoid all wind producing foods.

I would love to stay in contact and hear about your recovery after surgery. What type are you having?

#3 QuietDesperation


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Posted 25 July 2014 - 10:24 AM



I am diagnosed with internal rectal prolapse.


A: I have also been having issues with gas, I have to go into a special position to let it out quite often. I seem to have much more gas as well. You can read my symptoms and journey to recovery here: http://www.ibsgroup....ted-defecation/


B: No idea, but I personally don't think I will. I see this as a functional issue. Not bacteria.

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