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Align, VSL#3, Garden of Life and Lotronex

probiotics vsl#3 ultra primal defense

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Posted 20 November 2014 - 08:10 PM


Hi, My name is Claire and I've posted on here a few times, mostly about FMT. I've been suffering from IBS since June but didn't know what it was until it progressed to chronic levels. When this daily nightmare of IBS-D started in August I bought the VSL#3 probiotic and cut out gluten to combat the pain. The VSL#3 brought the onslaught of 5-6 loose stools every morning, to one mostly solid BM every morning, but still lots (lots) of cramping and pain (at least I wasn't running to the bathroom constantly though!). I switched to Garden of Life Ultra Primal Defense two months into taking VSL#3 (because it's so expensive!) and now I'm having 2 soft BM's every morning. I guess the answer seems obvious, but should I switch back? I just don't want to have to take such an expensive probiotic forever, especially since I'm still having so many symptoms (pain!!).


Also, I started Align, in addition to what I'm already taking, two weeks ago, and I feel like it's making me really bloated and gassy. I read that can happen the first few days, but the pain is becoming unbearable. I have read that you have to ride this stage out with Align, but I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever end...


Anybody have any experience with these probiotics?


Lastly, I'm seriously considering Lotronex if I can't get this under control. My main symptoms now are urgency and pain (labor pain type cramping everyday, worst in the morning). I have to go back to school in January to finish my nursing degree (only one more semester left!) and I would really appreciate anyone's feedback who has experience with this drug. I want to be a crusader for people who are suffering with IBS and do more research on treatments. It's hard for me to believe with the number of people suffering from this, how few drugs and treatment options are being researched for IBS.

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Posted 13 January 2015 - 01:28 AM

I would cut back on the VSL #3;That is what smart manufacturers say to do if too gassy or diarrhea.  Please re-read paperwork, site's FAQs and/or call manufacturer. This probio was in a study on the Pubmed website;I'm on it now after trying Align, which was also referenced in Pubmed;No, problems, just feel the gas level from before Align probio. didn't decrease enough after going through a few bottles, giving it ample time.  Also, try slow fermenting pr"E"biotic pure acacia soluble fiber (like Heather's tummy fiber ref'd on this site), building up "SLOWLY," that feeds the bifido prObios, with "at" least 1oz purified w trace minerals water per 1g of fiber to internally gel up filling  colon  to prevent diarrhea and cramping-ideally spaced throughout day for other times of the day too before intaking all pills (unless if have to take some on empty stomach) and before safe IBS foods even. IT WORKS IF DONE RIGHT. Always take prObios 2 hrs. away from antibiotics or antibiotic acting garlic, or other antibiotic acting herbs/teas....look up on internet.wink.png Sorry I just saw your post, was looking for others reviewing VSL#3 here. I usually post on forums. Good luck.

1/04/18: Pain's my main problem. IBS-D prone, but not with methylcellulose soluble non-gassy caplets still, 2 before anything eaten.  Also, 10C water/day (Have to if taking fiber supplement and soluble foods). Frequent, small and well chewed meals. No more salads, seeds or peel, whole grains, raw vegetables STILL. Have used in the past antispasmotics, low dose tricyclic anti-depressent (for ibs and inflammation)/both VERY drying even at low amounts and disorienting, CBD oil and IBgard's encapsulated peppermint (works better than older type enteric peppermint). Have occasional inflammation in illium at end of small intestine, but it was not crohns. Activated charcoal when needed for flatulence, simethicone only works on upper stomach area for upper gas (burping) right away btw, not flatulence at end of g.i. track. Tried Kratom, good but itchy and didn't prevent a flare up from eating a wrong foods. Raising dosage didn't kick down inflammation. Now back to being certified for (legally available here) medical high CBD Cannabis/Marijuana RSO (thick oil form), more expensive. I needed more anti-inflammitory help from the THC in regular cannabis oil, instead of just CBD oil.

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