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Methaninobrevibacter smithii,some findings and experience

SIBO flagyl gas

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Posted 09 March 2015 - 05:55 AM


 Like everyone else,has been suffered from IBS-C for a long time, since 2005.Almost 10 years,painful 10 years. It was one night I ate an ice cream as dinner and got this bad cramp afterward.But what's unexpected is this cramp turned to some long-term nightmare.After that whatever I eat always accompany with bloating(like a balloon)-cramp(pain around belly button)-relief after flatulence/bowel movement.Everyday is unpredictable,even with careful diet. I went to GI dr and they just told me I was too nervous and it's psychological given the fact that I was under a lot stress(applying for college) at that time. They prescribed me some motility improvement drugs to help with the constipation,excessive gas,but non of them really worked. So I quit unhealthy stuff like fried food,soda and others like beans,most dairy,etc. But still not significantly improved,just not get worse.


After a few years of tries and errors ,things got more controlled and a bit predictable by eating only rice and simple veggie with small amount of meat.I tolerate better with fish. Coffee in the morning helps with bowel movement and ease the gas without cramp and diarrhea (unlike some fiber supplements and laxative).Then I can have a predictable morning,possibly till after school. This is important as I'm sure you guys know the embarrassment of excessive gas that you can't control. Still, this condition is not normal since the food I can tolerate is very limited and eat out(social life) is a trouble for me. I actually don't mind constipation or bloating.It's just the uncontrollable flatulence really destroys everything.


I tried a lot of stuff:

peppermint oil,ginger roots- sooth a little bit for bloating and cramp,but not really works.

yogurt- dairy alternative,help a bit and not irritated at least.

probiotic-nothing significant,but I did find that different brand carries different strains and amount which is REALLY important.

OTC gas relief drugs-not really works.

Antiacid liquid with simethicone- ease the bloating feeling/gas and accelerate bowel movement but could get diarrhea. Also a lot of stuff I can't remember...


So the thing that really make a difference is Flagyl. I was on other antibiotics before, due to other reasons,like Norfloxacin,Amoxicillin,Cephalexin,etc,but never had unexpected effect on GI improvement as some people had. So after a flare of weird pattern GI problem,mainly diarrhea, I took a 7-day course of Metronidazole. My diarrhea stopped right away and although it gave me some weird bowel symptoms(later I felt might be die off effect),what's really unexpected was that I was 80% normal!!That means no bloating feeling,excessive gas after meal(very minor even after junk food),and very easy bowel movement in the morning!! I was normal for about 2 weeks then it reoccurred. I think it's because I was too exciting and ate lots of food like fried chicken,hot pot,french fries etc without giving a proper time to let my GI tract heal.

Frustrated of course but then I started to do some research and Dr.Pimentel's SIBO concept intrigued me.Methaninobrevibacter smithii is the responsible drug for most IBS-C and it makes a lot sense why I always feel like the bloating after meal stops my movement and cause other following digestive problems like GERD,constipation. It's because the excessive gas(methane). And I did some more research on pubmed of Methaninobrevibacter smithii. The annoying thing is that this bug is archaea, and archaea has different cell walls from bacteria, thus explaining why some antibiotics effective against bacteria are not effective against archaea. The difficulty of cultivating methanogenic archaea also prevented a systematic evaluation of the antimicrobial agents. So not much data available. So far from the literatures available on pubmed  archaea  is susceptible to Quinolones,Novobiocin,Imidazole,Nitrofurans,Sulphonamides,Benzylpyrimidines,Aminoglycosides,Fusidic acid. But, archaea are rely on bacterial metabolism for their own survival and multiplication. Therefore, the elimination of other bacteria could result in elimination of archaea.http://onlinelibrary...12.03913.x/full


So I'm going to give Flagyl another shot(although I hate the side effects) with a long term diet control(Fodmap or what) with some supplements to help recovering like L-glutamine(tried around 10g yesterday, too soon to say,at least not irritated) and VSL 3 (just ordered).Well I think the GI immune system(your intestine lining) is really important as it's your self defense the noxious stuff. So I learned from the mistake I made(being happy too early...and not watch out what I eat), and let's see what happened this time.


BTW,my family lives in another country so I can get antibiotics.Well I do think about switching to a better insurance and see a GI Dr then get a proper diagnose before myself treatment.But meanwhile I read too much stories of how frustrating it could be to get through the trouble of all the tests but without a real diagnose,since the breath test could be negative even you do have SIBO.And they might or might not prescribe you drugs. I hate the diagnose of IBS. It's just a trash can of a cluster GI symptoms with unclear cause.But that's the limitation of medical science and I can understand. I hope with more research,more underlying cause will be sorted out from this trash can,as celiac and SIBO.

Please excuse my language and grammar:)


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Posted 29 September 2015 - 02:11 PM

Hi Catalinaz,

how are you, after trying Flagyl again ?

Would love to hear what happened with your symptoms =)

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