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A diet which will heal Colitis, Crohn's disease, Gastritis and Gerd

Colitis Crohns Gastritis GERD healing disease with diet

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 10:50 AM


A diet which will heal Colitis, Crohn's disease, Gastritis and Gerd (and Depression)


A new French book on how to heal “ Leaky Gut” (Intestinal Permeability)

with diet and prevent and reverse over 100 diseases


I hope that this post will not fall foul of the forum's rules. The book is being made available free of charge on Kindle Unlimited so therefore we do not have a budget for advertising. I suffered uncontrollable diarrhoea and pain in my intestine some years ago so I know how miserable it can be to suffer from bowel problems. Going gluten free seemed to cure most of the problems and no thanks to my doctor of the time.

I am a French to English translator (and health nut). I have just translated a best selling French book. The title is “How to Prevent and Reverse 100 diseases the new French way with Dr. Seignalet's diet miracle”.




It's a guide to a book which is very well known in France: “Nutrition – the third medicine”. Many French doctors treat their patients using the ideas in the book.


The doctor's name was Dr. Jean Seignalet (pronounced “Shon Saynyalay”). He died in 2003.


He was a doctor and medical researcher and taught at the Medical Faculty of Montpelier in the south of France. Among other things he was an early pioneer and expert in Human Leukocyte Antigens and he set up a laboratory which tested donors and potential recipients of organ transplants for compatability based on their HLA profile.


Seignalet's book (144 mainly 5 star reviews on French amazon) was a huge doorstep of a scientific treatise but at its heart was a very simple idea: among the many other factors, mainly genetic, was one factor which was common to nearly all chronic diseases: intestinal permeability, better known as leaky gut. He devised a diet which would heal the gut and reverse the disease. He first tried it out on Rheumatoid Arthritis patients with astounding success. (My words – Seigalet himself always used cautious, scientific language).


Seignalet managed to put into remission many diseases with his diet.


Seignalet called his diet “hypotoxic” and like the American Paleo diet, the idea is to return to what Seignalet calls the “original” diet, in other words how we ate before we became pastoralists and agriculturalists. Seignalet's version of Paleo is quite a lot different to the American version though and I personally feel that Seignalet is much more scientific. One striking difference is that for Seignalet one of the things which damages the gut lining the most is animal protein cooked at high temperatures. So no roasting, baking or frying foods with the Seignalet regime. Eggs should be eaten raw if possible (lightly and quickly poached is permissible). Meat and fish should aslo be eaten raw as carpaccio, tartare or sashimi although light steaming and poaching are allowed. Raw should always be favoured but light cooking is allowed. Cooking must not be over 110 degrees C or prolonged. (Please read the book to see the other differences – the kindle unlimited version is free of charge).


After his success with RA, He then repeated the success with other conditions. Over 20 years he treated 2,500 patients, free of charge, in his own spare time and collated all the results and put them into tables which were published in the book. (Now on its 5th edition). To give just one example: RA. He treated 297 patients. 127 had complete remissions, 100 had 80/90% improvements, 18 had 50% improvements and there were 52 failures. Ankylosing Spondylitis and Osteoarthritis patients had even better results. All the rarer forms of arthritis and rheumatic diseases are listed in the tables. The diet was used with success to treat almost all chronic diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis, Obesity, Migraine, Crohn's, Lupus, just to name a few. A vanishingly small number of diseases resisted treatment. Seignalet divided the diseases up into classifications according to what effects the leaky gut would have. All the bowel diseases fall into his “diseases of elimination” classification. In other words, the emunctories are struggling to eliminate improperly digested molecules of food which have managed to enter the bloodstream through damaged junctions between the enterocyte cells. He had fabulous success with these diseases. Colitis: 237 patients were treated, 233 had complete remissions and there were 4 failures. Crohn's disease: 72 patients treated, 62 complete remissions, 2 at 90%, 7 at 50% and 1 failure. GERD: 16 patients treated, 6 complete remissions, 5 at 90%, 5 failures. Seignalet also had outstanding results with Depression. 30 patient were treated, 25 had complete remissions and 5 had 90% remissions.


Seignalet's daughers (one of whom is a doctor herself) have written a guide to Seignalet's original treatise which sets out the main ideas in simple to understand terms and which explains how to follow the diet. This book: “How to Prevent and Reverse 100 diseases the new French way with Dr. Seignalet's diet miracle” is available free of charge on Amazon's kindle unlimited.



Who was Dr. Jean Seignalet?


Dr. Seignalet qualified as a doctor of medicine at the Montpelier faculty of medicine. He then became what the French call an “enseignant-chercheur” or what we would call a university professor. There are two type of enseignant-chercheur, Professeur des Universités or Maître de Conférence. Both types must, by law, teach 128 hours a year. The Professeur teaches Doctoral students only and is usually in charge of a regional centre of research. A Maître de Conférence teaches students at all levels, including undergraduates. Both types are expected to conduct applied or fundamental research in addition to their teaching duties. They are entirely free to choose what kind of research they want to pursue and how to pursue it. The notices of vacant positions, exam timetables, renumeration and duties are set at the national, ministerial level, under French law and when a post becomes vacant it is filled by “concours” or competitive exam. The examining committee is made up of other “enseignant-chercheurs” in the specific academic speciality from all over France. There is usually a large number of applicants for every post so to become an enseignant-chercheur carries a great deal of prestige.


Dr. Seignalet carried out research in several different medical fields and became one of the early pioneers and experts in Human Leukocyte Antigens which were first discovered by a French Professeur. Dr. Seignalet set up the Histocompatability Laboratory of Montpelier which specialised in matching organ donors and recipients for compatability based on their HLA profiles.

The laboratory did diagnostic tests of patients from all over France for various types of disease, also based on HLA profiles. Dr. Seignalet published over 200 research papers in various journals, many of them English language journals and all of them with committees of acceptance. Despite Dr. Seignalet's record of pre-eminence as a medical researcher, none of the journals which had accepted his papers on HLA's and other subjects would accept his papers on his work on nutrition and the University authorities ignored and marginalised his work on this subject.


It's interesting to note that two other francophone doctors did pioneering work in the used of nutrition to treat disease: Paul Carton (1847-1947) and the Russian born, Swiss French Catherine Kousmine (1904-1992). Dr. Seignalet acknowledged his debt to Kousmine in particular.   

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