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My symtoms

ibs mucus shape stool undigested asparagus mushrooms onions shapeless

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#1 MrBowel


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Posted 17 May 2015 - 03:07 AM




I am a 26 year old male and for three years now (since I was 23) I am having colon problems. In these three years I have probably visited the doctor around 20 times and I have been send two times to two different gastronologists. I remember a period within these three years were my symptoms disappeared but other then that they are always there.


The first symptom I remember related to the colon is mucus on the toiletpaper. After I noticed this I started to pay attention to my stools. The next symptom is the shape of my stool. This varies every bowel movement. It is often loose en shapeless. When it has shape it is mostly flat or pencil thin but always soft. Sometimes it seems normal or even very thick but this is rare. Now lately I also notice that my body cannot digest some types of food. For example mushrooms and onions come out as they came in. Yesterday I ate asparagus and today I saw them coming out as they went in. So this is another food I cannot seem to digest well.


There are two x-rays made of my stomach. The first one showed that my entire colon was full of stool. The second x-ray (1 year later, last February) showed that my colon still had a lot of stool in it but not as much as on the first xray.


My doctor subscribed fiber supplements and I have been taking these for probably a year now. They don't seem to do a lot. The gastronologists said I have no worrying symtoms and don't want to do a scope. The first one called it IBS and the second gastronologist said it was a lazy colon.


But I am worrying a lot. I am thinking about it almost 24/7 and am always googling symtoms. I am planning another visit to the doc this week for the undigested food and to share my worries with him.


In the years leading up to these problems I have been experiencing severe/extreme stress (still stressed to this day but its getting better, while I did developed a panic disorder). I could not eat most of the time and I almost eat a bunch of bananas each day, since this was the only food i could eat easily). Today I am eating healthy, starting every day with a smoothie and eating a lot of fruit. Plus taking fiber supplements three times a day.


To summarize, my symptoms today are:

- Mucus in stool (almost always)

- A different shape/structure every BM (pellets, loose, pencil, normal, etc)

- Undigested food (asparagus, mushrooms, onions, spinach)

- Stool almost always floats

- Often a acid smell 

- Anxiety disorder


One last thing, a couple of months after my colon problems started I developed a breathing disorder. It all started out of the blue one day. I was thinking about my breathing and ever since that day I could not stop thinking about it. I had to breath manually for 2 years. It was horrible.. I am over it now (except in stressed situations it can come back) luckily. I don't know if this has anything to do with the colon problems but I thought I should mention it.


I am curious to your thoughts and experiences on what could be causing my symtoms.


Thank you!

#2 jaumeb


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Posted 18 May 2015 - 05:11 AM

My thought is that it is important to keep participating in the forums and reading about other people's stories. That's what I am doing. Thanks for sharing your case.

#3 Leo41


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Posted 18 May 2015 - 09:51 AM

Not a doctor (none that I know of are here), but to me sounds IBS. Read my thread in this section, sounds like our symptoms started nearly the same... but mine has progressed a lot worse. My GI says mucus is pretty much the consistent IBS symptom. 


If you have not I would recommend seeing your primary doc about the breathing, and the panic disorder. If he is like mine he will refer you to a shrink. Lay it all out to whoever and see what they say. You likely need to be medicated for it. In my opinion it will likely also help your bowel issues. Does not sound like you are having spasms of pain, which is a great symptom not to have.


Good luck,



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