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Cured after six years! Elimination diets provided zero relief, but this one did.

l-glutamine wheat gluten ibs-d loose stool green stool mud butt wiping sharpie cant stop wiping cant get clean after pooping

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#21 clarkscent


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Posted 27 May 2015 - 06:43 AM

I've got somewhat the same symptoms as you. Not so much bloating and pain, but the soft-end part is exatcly the same, and the million wipers. Often i get nausea and fatigue after i've gone to the bathroom. I've tried all kinds of diets, eliminated all sugars, all milk, all gluten an such but never combined them i guess. Does anyone know how long it takes for a meal to pass? Becouse i get different answears everywhere. This is what makes it so hard becouse once in a while i get those perfect stools and i just feel clean and good after. It's actually like a real good sensation feeling. Actually i had one of those a couple of days ago. The weird thing is that i just ate pizza, chips and icecream this weekend (i had a cold/fever rolleyes.gif ) Had a bad stomach all weekend but sunday night it was good, i wonder if it's becouse i ate meat and broccoli with ketchup on thursday for dinner and friday.for lunch. Can it really take 3 days for food to pass through?


Gonna try this diet. I'm underweight tho so it worries me that i will be even thinner without carbs.


It would be real helpfull if you could post some dinner recipes so i could try it out for a week and see if it helped.

#22 acureisoutthere


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Posted 14 June 2015 - 03:40 PM

Hi Vanilla,

It sounds a lot like the FODMAP diet that I finally was told about.  The FODMAP diet usually helped, as long as I was careful to follow it at all times.  Trouble for me was that I really, really wanted to get back to eating normally agian, and really wanted to end the episodes of diarrhea.  I was ready to do just about anything to solve this.


Do you feel the same way ?


#23 vanilla_bean


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Posted 26 June 2015 - 07:45 PM

FODMAP did not help me! I'm a weird case. Certain foods I should eat according to FODMAP upset my stomach and vice versa.

My apologies guys, I thought I posted some meals.

Oatmeal and two bananas
Two scrambled eggs (prepared with virgin coconut oil and water)

Lunch/dinner options:
Salmon and green beans
Chicken and grilled bell peppers & onions
Ground beef and (some) white rice

Fun snack: Popsicles with real fruit pieces inside (these are premade/bought at store)

I've found that I can occasionally consume small amounts of white rice - never brown. If I eat two packets of oatmeal, my stomach gets upset. It's the strangest thing. And for some reason, I'll sometimes have a bit of problem with chicken. I'm wondering if the anti-inflammatory properties of the OMEGA-3s in the salmon help calm my GI system.

The lesson to learn from me: you may have illogical food intolerances. Everyone's body is different. If you have symptoms like mine, try eating 1-2 foods for an entire day and see how you do. It's the only way I could pinpoint what I could and couldn't tolerate.

Also, my carbohydrate levels are woefully inadequate. I met with a nutritionist and she stated 50% of my calories should come from carbs. Problem is, most carbs upset my stomach. My diet is pretty extreme... I'm still working on improving it! It's hard to cook so many meals. Buy frozen fish - you can get organic, pre-marinated salmon. It's the easiest meal to make and it's delicious. I just buy my veggies frozen and toss them in the microwave.


Edit: These days, coconut oil appears to be upsetting my stomach, so I've switched to fruit smoothies. 

I'm cured!!! My solution here. Try eliminating all grains and dairy. 

#24 acureisoutthere


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Posted 27 June 2015 - 08:01 AM

Hi Clarkscent,


Just want to pass along :   There is a trial for FMT and IBS in Norway, that is now recruiting.  For more info go to


Also, there is a study that is recruiting patients at Orebro University, Sweden,  Dr. Robert Brummer.    using FMT   for treating IBS.

I would seriously have a talk with him to see if you are eligible.  Please note :     When I fixed my IBS, I modified the protocol somewhat. You should consider this in your discussion.

I believe it was an important, helpful modification. Please read more about it here :    http://www.ibsgroup....ibs-d-its-gone/


Your bacteria in your intestinal tract are out of balance so to speak.   For one reason or another, the good helpful bacteria have been displaced, and some bad ones are in their place, which is giving you your problems.  An FMT basically takes the good helpful bacteria from someone who is in perfect health, and gives it to someone whose bacteria is out of balance, and having digestive problems.   Dr. Borody from Australia has been doing FMTs for 25 years, and has been very successful.


Why does everyone seem to have slightly different issues, or food intolerances ?   Well, for one, every one of us has a different microbiome  (the 100 Trillion bacteria that live in and on our bodies).   Our microbiome is different from our left arm to our right arm.  Anyway, each of us end up taking different antibiotics throughout our life, and our mothers probably took different antibiotics too.  The problem is, antibiotics while saving lives and very important, they also kill off helpful bacteria in our microbiome, thus the differing bacteria that are affected, and giving differing symptoms.


The important thing to learn is that FMTs from a good healthy donor can re-balance your bacteria in your large intestine, and have a very good chance of helping you with your symptoms.  I stress that you read about the protocol I used, as I believe this is a better approach.  We don't want to kill off the helpful bacteria we are trying to transplant, instead we want to do everything possible to keep them alive during the transplant process.


And it helps !   I am so thankful to not have diarrhea, and the endless wiping till you are raw episodes anymore.  I am also starting to conclude that my fatigue is lessening since my transplant.  Still evaluating.


I hope this is helpful, and you find a solution to your problems, so that you can live a normal life again.


#25 Raw015


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Posted 17 June 2017 - 02:10 PM

I was diagnosed with one of the most extreme IBS cases my GI doc had ever seen. Colonoscopy/upper endoscopy showed I was totally healthy with minor inflammation and a polyp (very unusual for my age - I'm 25, had colonoscopy at 24). I had been having IBS since I was 18, but it was very mild until age 21 when it became mildly annoying and it abruptly became terrible at age 23.


I will spare you the details on how it affected my life - I am sure you can imagine how bad it was. (Nothing like bloating another "I'm cured!" topic with complaints and unnecessary details... we have enough bloating in our lives with IBS!).



Loose stools 2x/day, unable to get clean after pooping (incurable mud butt - it was like wiping a sharpie every time I went), poop sometimes felt like fire when I went to the bathroom; after a few years, I began having gas pains, searing hot farts, and basically always felt bloated.


I have a 32 waist size but had to wear Large and XL boxers because the waste bands felt tight around my intestines and made gas worse.


I also found out I have low B12 and low Folic Acid levels... not quite anemic, but close. Pain was becoming debilitating in the last few months; felt like I was poked with a knife when I simply touched my stomach, and it was reaching a point where I couldn't even work out despite a very high pain tolerance.


I tried supplements, probiotics, elimination diets (BRAT made me feel terrible), blood test, a colonoscopy, and my GI doc was suggesting outlandish things like going to a rectal prolapse surgeon! (WHY?!)



Eliminating grains and starches and dairy from my diet. I also cannot consume peanuts. I add in L-Glutamine, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, and OMEGA-3 with D3 daily to further reduce inflammation in case I consume some. This is not a food allergy - allergy testing showed negative for all of these. I think my condition is akin to a lactose intolerant person not being allergic to dairy, but they simply cannot consume it because they don't produce sufficient lactase to break it down. Consider how ubiquitous grain is in the Western diet - I was eating granola bars at breakfast, rice with chicken at lunch, and a sandwich (ex grilled cheese) for dinner. No wonder I was in such agony... 


More Details:

I found my cure by cycling through completely different style meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; when I started realizing that I had reduced bloating after breakfast (oatmeal and bananas) and that I could eat it all day and not have stomach problems, I realized I was onto something! It's worth noting that I had temporary cures with VSL #3 and L-Glutamine - still not sure what to make of that, as both stopped working after a matter of weeks. 


I do not have celiac - gluten is agreeable with me, and gluten free doesn't help whatsoever - and I can even eat oatmeal, oddly enough, but all other grains and dairy products make me inflamed and gassy and give me poops where I have to shower to get clean. I'll add that when I am not eating any grains, I go to the bathroom every other day; when I eat grains, I go 2x/day. For some reason, white grains are infinitely more agreeable than whole wheat/brown grains.


As for dairy, it appears that like many young adults, I (coincidentally) developed lactose intolerance around the same time that my wheat allergy appeared.


When I cut out wheat and dairy, it took 48-72 hours before my GI system "reset" and all inflammation was completely reduced and bowel movements returned to normal. I eat a spartan diet of meat and veggies now 5-6 days of the week. I find that if I treat my body very well for several consecutive days, I can eat something with bread or chocolate and I don't die... but if I start eating those foods back-to-back it's bad! 



I am back to Medium/Large boxers - still not quite as comfortable as they once were, but I'm getting there! I hope this helps someone. I had seen someone suggest a wheat free diet... I waited way too long to try it... if you are a healthy person with IBS-D and you have not tried a grain free diet, you owe it to yourself to try this for 3-4 days.


If anyone needs recommendations for brands for the supplements, feel free to ask. The OMEGA-3 is great quality and has high levels of D3 built into it. Both OMEGA-3 and D3 are helpful for reducing IBS-D according to peer reviewed studies (which get censored when I try to link to them...seriously?!). The reality is, some brands make better vitamins/supplements than others, but many brands work. 


I am meeting with my GI doctor to discuss having some breath testing done. I am guessing that I don't have the enzymes necessary to break down some of these foods. For some reason, I also can't consume peanuts, marinara, and a few other random things - it doesn't make much sense to me (I'm open to theories if you guys have any). I thought I had pernicious anemia, bacterial overgrowth, or something else, but apparently not... if anyone has any questions, ask away. I pray this helps some of you guys. No one should live like this.


how much grams of L-Glutamine and NAG did you take each day, for how long and did you build it up and after how long did you noticed the effects? thnkyou

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