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Looking for my IBS Doppleganger that can put my mind at ease

ibs constipation blood mucus weight loss gerd distension

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Posted 27 June 2015 - 05:56 AM


Hi Everyone,

I'll keep this as short as I can, I'm booked in for my first appointment with the Gastroenterologist next week after over 6 months of struggling with whatever it is i'm dealing with.

I'm a 28 year old male.

My GP has diagnosed me with IBS / Acid Reflux and has given me Peppermint Oil tablets and Lansoprazole.

My symptoms are the following -

- Abdominal swelling / bloating (sometimes after meals, sometimes when I havent eaten anything)
- Acid Reflux / tightness in sternum / slight feeling in neck near adams apple
- Constipation after certain foods
- Weight loss (2 stone in total, but I have been eliminating dairy/gluten/fatty foods etc from my diet so this may be down to my overall change in diet)
- A pressure beneath my shoulderblades sometimes after I eat (trapped wind maybe?)
- Mucus in stool (as im constipated a fair bit, sometimes I feel like i really need to go, but all that happens is I pass a little bit of Mucus - sometimes with blood mixed in)
- Itchy bottom quite a lot!
- Blood in stool (blood appears in my stool around 40% of the time I can actually go, sometimes its faintly mixed in with mucus, sometimes its on the outside of the stool. My doctor has put this down to hemmerhoids from constipation and forcing BM's but the colour of the blood sometimes concerns me, it's very rarely bright red anymore and its more of a middle-red ... once or twice it has been darker red which worries me a bit)

I have never had the best diet and have always had stomach distension but its only since last December when i got really clogged up that most of these other symptoms appeared ... or I noticed them at least.

I've tried everything, Probiotics, different medicines, change of diet, stopping drinking alcohol for periods of time, change of eating habits and times ... I've seen some improvement with my constipation depending on what I'm eating but the other symptoms don't seem to ever go away no matter what I do.

Of course, whilst i've been waiting to be referred to the GE It's been a total guessing game and just trial and error to fix myself up, but with the ongoing symptoms I've now got an eye on other possible causes. The dreaded C's (Colitis, Chrohns, Cancer 
mellow.png ), Possible parasites? 

I'm just looking for anyone that has had similar experience that can give me some hope that this could all still just be IBS ... I know the above conditions are still possible but at the minute my brain is pretty convinced that I have something other than IBS - mainly because of the bloody stool and the colour of the blood being darker than I assume you'd expect to find with internal hemmerhoids. The back ache makes me think of Pancreatic issues too ...

I suppose my question is, has anyone had mucus / darker red blood in the stool and been confirmed that it is down to IBS? - everywhere I look online says if its darker then it's something more sinister. Its not all the time and its only small amounts, usually at the start of a BM. 

Thank you so much to any of you that have taken the time to read this and anyone that replies, these forums are gold for people that have issues.


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Posted 27 June 2015 - 01:10 PM

I would definitely see your doctor anytime you have blood in the stool. Most of the time it's just hemorrhoids or a slight tear in the anal canal caused by firm stool from constipation, but it's important to make sure. 


As for your symptoms, the heaviness under the shoulder blades would be your lungs. If you're bloated, especially after a meal, your stomach will expand, leaving little room for your lungs to completely expand. The blood in your stool might be due to hemorrhoids caused by constipation, because mucus in the stool is usually a sign of constipation. Mucus is naturally in your intestines already and is excreted in many cases of severe constipation. 


Are you experiencing severe abdominal pain? Any burning in the stomach? If so, then the blood may be of concern. If the pain is focused toward the rectum, then it's most likely hemorrhoids or a slight tear in the anal canal. 


As for the bloating, acid reflux, and constipation, immediately stop consuming all gluten, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, and high fiber foods if you haven't already. Remember that it will take at least a couple weeks to see real improvement, so be patient when trying new routines and diets. Some people try them for a few days and give up if they don't immediately see improvement. I would also recommend taking Phazyme 180 mg after breakfast and dinner to reduce trapped gas/bloating. This should alleviate the pressure in your chest/abdomen.


Lastly, drinking 8 glasses of water, exercising for at least 30-60 minutes/day, eating fruits and vegetables, taking Phazyme (or another supplement), and staying away from the foods listed above should improve your standard of living. 


Hope this helps! Don't give up!

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