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Thin stools for a week--recently diagnosed IBS-PI

IBS ibs-pi pi-ibs constipation thin stool diarrhea bloating

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Posted 29 June 2015 - 12:35 AM


Hi all, I am new to this site and to this syndrome and it is the absloute worst! I've missed out on so many things like concerts and my senior week trip to Disney sad.png  I guess i should let you know how to this all started. March 26 i went to saladworks and got a salad and ate it that night. We went like 5 minutes before it closed. The next morning I woke up throwing up and it lasted on and off all that day. I figured it was food poisoning from it. The next two days I wasn't throwing up but just felt off and a little weird. Then after that I felt fine and went on vacation for a week to washington dc, so nothing out of country. I didn't eat anything unusual. Then a few days after i came home i started to feel really full from the burger i had earlier and felt really nauseous and sick. I was sitting in the bathroom on the floor feeling like i was going to throw up but didn't. This happened three other times. It's now been about three months since the start.


I would feel nauseous every single day and i was so bloated i went days barely eating. i ate because i knew i had to, not because i was hungry. I went to three different doctors and they tested me for acid reflux, lyme disease, celiac...all negative. I was told to see a GI doctor so i made an appointment. Between the last doctor visit and the GI doctor visit I had to go to the ER. My mom is a nurse and she advised me to go. They prescribed me with Reglan but it did nothing except make me very depressed. They took x rays of my stomach and saw nothing unusual expect a little stool but nothing worrying. So i went to my GI doctor and told him everything and he said I had IBS-GI or Post infectious gastroparesis. It made complete sense. He prescribed me with Prilosec, Zofran (which is a god send!!), and Levsin. I take zofran at least once a day, prilosec once a day but i stopped after a few weeks because it wasn't helping/didn't feel the need for it anymore, and levsin three times a day. I could feel myself slowing improving until i had a bout of constipation. I figured it was from the levsin because I was taking it so much. I slowed down on it and took miralax and it helped. I still get a little constipated every now and then but miralax helps. I would also get diarrhea  which i noticed was after eating fatty foods after 9pm which i will now avoid!!


Recently my stool (sorry for the detail lol !!) has been thin, soft, and almost a brown-dark yellow color. It's been going on for a week-ish. I read it's a common symptom for IBS but I also saw it's a symptom of colon cancer. I am only 18 years old and I know that is pretty uncommon for people my age but it's still worrying!! I want to know if anything can help the thin stools? Should I start taking miralax again? Or start taking fiber? Or just deal with it? Anything you guys can help me with would be greatly appreciated...thanks you for reading!!!

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Posted 29 June 2015 - 01:05 PM

I am on Levbid (same as your Levsin) and even 1 per day will constipate me within 3-4 days. The stuff just shuts down my bowels, but it does help with the spasms and pain I get. I used to use miralax. Actually had to come off the Levbid for a couple days and use multiple does of miralax over those days. Things would clear but by then I was starting to cramp again and couldn't wait to get back on the Levbid. This just became a cycle. 


To break the cycle I now take my Levbid 1 time per day, and use 133mg magnesium citrate gel caps 3 times/day. The magnesium when in the right dose calms and soothes the intestines/colon, and also has the same but gentler effect miralax does. Doing this I just seem to be improving finally. The magnesium is incredible, I never knew. 


If you do have IBS your stool will be all over the place potentially. It will go from normal to explosive brown water to bits and pieces to almost brown dust to ribbon thin to eel shaped to hollowed out on one side and sometimes different ones of the abovein one sitting. You can also see mucus mixed in, and even have the urge to go and nothing but mucus. 


As for fiber... some of us do well, others not so well. Some of that may be the wrong kind. I have introduced slowly Acacia 100% soluble fiber from Heather's. So far it is doing well for me. The idea is it helps regulate. If things are more to diarrhea it froms a gel in the intestines and soaks that up providing bulk. If you are more constipated it loosens things up and provides more bulk to move things. (Note: if you are constipated do not add fiber until you are cleared out, then start slowly.. 1/3 teaspoon day for 5 then 1/2 for 1 week, then 1/2 2x/day, etc) Lastly if you have a spastic, painful cramping colon like me it provides bulk. A fully colon spasms less and tends to have the correct movement/contractions reinforced.


If you have bloating and nausea Heather's fennel tea is fantastic just for this (also calms slight cramping).


If you have painful spasms Heather's peppermint tea is a God send. 


And no I do not work for her, but I will never be without any of the products I mentioned. What they have and still do to help me is unbelievable. 


When things get bad for me I vomit. If the spasms in my lower colon start with any strength I begin to salivate. That is my cue I will be retching and then vomiting within 3-5 minutes. 

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