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bowel issues.. help!

ibs pain constipation help hu mucus ibs pain

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Posted 10 September 2015 - 06:39 PM

To start, im 21 years old. Last may(2015) i started to notice a pain in my abdoman area. It would come and go from left side to right, and back to middle ect. Dull and standable. Before this i had normal formed stool always even though i had bright red blood sometimes.
I had a colonoscopy done but the doctor only got 50% of the way done because i was awake and made him stop. He found hemorrhoids and said this was the reason for blood. Otherwise the first half of my colon was completely normal.
Over the next few months things got worse.
The pain came more often. And i developed a constipation, some days an urge to poop some other days not.. Some days bloated.. Some days i feel more on the normal side despite everything. But my stool is always rabbit stool balls and they always look weird and mishaped. I ALWAYS have mucous mixed in my stool.. Never with out the stool. But its always there. Some days a lot some days very little. This last month i have had so much pain.. Going 2 times a day sometimes.. Stomach cramps.. But i been on an antibiotic 35 days.. The 2 first weeks they didnt affect me.. But would the severe symptoms be triggered by the antibiotics? Some days i feel the urge for a bm but cant.. Or feel the urge all day and go 2 times... Some days bloated.. But after 2 or 3 days this goes away. Im 2 days into trying a extra strength probiotic with it and 1 week into metamucil. I also forgot to mention i get colon spasms the last 3 months some days more than others.

What could this be? Could Something like IBS progress like this?
Im so afraid i could have cancer. My friend passed away from colon cancer 2 weeks ago. He was 24. Diagnosed at 21. Stage 4. Which means he devolped younger than 21 even..

Im afraid to do another colonoscopy.. I plan on doing a ct colongraphy in a month and a half when i return from Italy. I had blood drawn and it was negative for infection. A month ago i had no anemia.
Is there any tests i can ask my doctor for to ease my mind a little? Specific blood test or syool test to look for micro blood and other infections? ... I'm so worried and have suffered generalized anxiety for 4 years now as it is.

Here are my current symptoms:
-Pain..rotates around different parts of colon. On and off.
-mucous. Always mucous.
-rabit stool
-occasional colon spasm
-occasional cramp
-occasional bloating.
-occasional day long gas passing

Never any diaheria, never any pain durring bm, No vomiting. No fever.

Some days i feel ok.. Last month i went 2 weeks.. Only constipation..mucous..occasional dull pain. Then it got bad again.

My stool always looks weird. Smells. Thank you for your input.

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Posted 10 September 2015 - 08:40 PM

Check out the timing of your eating habits and fears in life in general.  You should probably consider a liver cleanse because of the hemorrhoid inflammation.  Remember we all have hemorrhoids. Its just when are they a problem, they stink.  I've had them before, not fun. Liver cleanse:  7:00-9:00 am or 1:00 am  Please be safe with this since its powerful.  Drink more spring water afterward.  If fact, consider switching to all spring water in bottles if you have to.  I don't drink a lot during meals but it keeps me hydrated when I can get to one when I'm working.  Liver flush:  8 oz coffee, tsp raw cacao powder, 2 tsp maple syrup (Grade B Dark)  7:00-9:00 am or 1:00 am  Also check your magnesium and potassium and make sure they are up so you can have a bowel movement.

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