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IBS-D Please Help!

ibs cramping stress anxiety

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Posted 24 October 2015 - 07:27 PM




I am new to this forum and hoping I could get some advice. I think I have IBS-D (I was told by a doctor years ago this was the cause). Over the last few years my stomach issues have been up and down, weeks of normal, weeks of being constipated, weeks of diarrhoea. I always just dealt with it as best I could as it wasn't always that bad and sometimes I was quite regular without problems, also I never used to get any cramping with it and usually I would only have the diarrhoea in the morning.


Well fast forward to now and the past month has been hell and I am trying to figure out what is going on. About 8 weeks ago I was put on amoxycillin for a sinus infection, well I got every side effect including diarrhoea. I finished the course of antibiotics properly but was still experiencing loose stools every morning. At the same time something very stressful has happened in my life that I am trying to deal with.


Anyway the other night I woke up with terrible intestinal cramps so bad that I felt nausea and ran to the bathroom. This was followed by very watery diarrhoea. I thought it may have been from something I ate and went back to bed, the next morning thankfully I was fine. Then for the next two days my bowels were fine. Fast forward to this morning, I had been up already for a couple hours, no upset stomach and then suddenly had that terrible wave of cramping that made me feel so sick. After a couple minutes another wave of painful cramps and I was back to the bathroom!


So with everything thats going on I just don't know what to do or what the cause is. Why after all these years would I now have severely painful cramps and randomly needing to go at the strangest times (as I have usually always just gone first thing in the morning). Is this because of the antibiotic I was on, is it bacterial, is it from stress, is it something I ate?


I have no idea what to do anymore and can't afford to go to the doctor just to be told its most likely IBS or a virus and you will feel better in a week or two and just take some Panadol.


I eat pretty well. I eat yoghurts, vegetables, some fruit, chicken, red meat, sometimes bread, just a normal diet. I maybe have one or two glasses of wine a week. I take probiotics everyday to try and help the issue. Over the last few weeks I have lost 2kg which I figure was because of the stress and diarrhoea and now I weight 65kg.


This is actually just going to cause me more anxiety because now I am worried with these sudden cramps and diarrhoea that come on so fast that I am going to be at work or somewhere public and have an episode! If anyone has some advice or similar experience please let me know. I just want to have a healthy stomach and I have no idea what the cause is.


Thank you.

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Posted 27 October 2015 - 04:06 PM

Hi there,


I have simillar problems like you. Gases, bloating, sometimes nausea, everyday diarrhea and painfull heartburns. Listen, you may ask yourself why there is so many views of your thread but no one answering. I guess that people reading stories of others are re-living things that are worrying them. If someone like me tells that he's fighting 5th year with the illness and lost nearly everything he got when he was healthy then it's nothing strange that a reader, who got the same type of illness just recently, feels down. Illness makes people paralyzed both physically and psychologically. Just a lil' hint so you don't feel like the support group has no point.


When it comes to your problems and possible remedies. I am a huge anti-fan of any kind of commercially sold drugs. However, if you'll be obliged to go to workplace while you feel bad then you can try taking imodium or laremid. Take 1-2 pills of 5mg laremid for example. When it comes to things that help me, I've noticed that avocado absorbs water from intestines thus limits greatly the 'wateriness' of a diarrhea. In other words, stools are more formed and you don't feel fire urge to run to the toilet. Peanuts work in a simillar way. At least in my case. Blueberries are good too as they bind compounds inside your intestines.


Now listen up, as a person who lost money, health, fiance and a possibility to get out from my f... up country because of IBS-D symptoms, I can tell you what I've observed. Probiotics are not the same. You can buy product A and you can buy product B for same price. However, both of them will be extremely different. Remember that probiotics are just synthetically developed species of certain pathogen families. They are supposed to live in your body as this is their natural environment. Keep in mind that some products that contain probiotics could not be manufactured in a way that makes these bacterias still alive when they get to your system. I mean about manufacturing process, packaging, transports and overall ability of a certain artifically developped bacterial families to colonise your small intestine. Furthermore some bacterial families may not be able to overpopulate the pathogens that are already inside you, colonised your intestine and most likely causing your digestive issues. Remember that some bacteria release toxins as a defense mechanism preventing immune system from suppression of that bacteria. These toxins, in my humble opinion, can play a major role in terms of food allergies, tiredness, thyroid functioning and mineral/compound absorbtion. 


The most natural way of supplementing human microbiome is to perform an faecal microbiome transplant. That is - to sample a faecal matter from a healthy individual and artifically supplement the small intestine of a patient. Some people do it on these forums. They use enema in order to reach small intestine. In my opinion this may not be the best solution as bacteria won't reach duodenum area or stomach and won't colonise it's lining. However, some people here reported that this method worked well and they are not ill anymore.


Some doctors perform FMT although in the world of conventional medicine this method seems to be quite weird for doctors. Even some of them treat you like an idiot who tries to joke with them. Their levels of stupidity and close-mindness unfortunately exceed any norms. Same for greed to stuff you with every possible medicament that is listed on the promotional posters and calendars inside their consulting office. However, some of them do FMT like I've mentioned earlier. These kind of doctors are often writing books about it, researching, testing etc. You see that they don't swallow the BS of conventional medicine and want to push things futher. Their approach seems to be interesting although not really comfortable for patient. A very thin aparatus is being inserted through nose right up to stomach. A previously extracted bacterial families are mixed with physiological salts and 'poured' inside your body. Then they go through your GI tract like any other food thus they can colonise larger areas. 


If you want to talk with me then simply PM me here and we can always hook up on Skype etc. You're certainly not alone, it's just that others here may not know how to talk about their problems yet. Depression and hopelessness can play a major role too. Anyways, don't give up and hit me back if you want to talk.

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