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23 year old advice needed urgently - ibs c/d

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Posted 23 November 2015 - 07:23 AM


Up until 5 months ago I had never had any stomach problems , have always been regular and never thought too much about it, i’ve always eaten healthily and and otherwise have no other health issues (23 years old - female)


5 months ago I was at work one day when I suddenly started having stomach pains, nausea and felt an urgent need to use the bathroom. I went home ill and had bad diarrhoea that day which i assumed to be a 24 hour bug or food poisoning or similar as by that evening I felt better. I took the

next day off work just to be sure I was better but had no further problems. I then went on holiday for two weeks and was completely fine the whole trip, didn’t give another thought to having been sick. About two weeks after I returned from my holiday I started feeling urgency in needing the bathroom, although I was having formed stools I started experiencing an increase in frequency - ie needing to use the bathroom a couple of times during the day at work (previously not happened) and the feeling of urgency. At this time I was unsure if I was just overthinking things and started taking immodium  at work for about a week to help with what I thought was loose stools (although looking back it was just increase and frequency that was unusual).  


I became I think constipated although I had the feeling of constantly needing to pass stools, sometimes small pieces would come out sometimes nothing but having the feeling constantly. I was signed off work by my doctor and lost some weight, I was really struggling to eat and couldn’t sit down to a meal with my partner or family as with every bite I felt the strong urge to use the bathroom (but often I couldn’t pass anything). My diet is really healthy, I was drinking lots of water and tried various tips from the doctors but nothing seemed to get better - this was 4 months ago and I have not had a complete bowel movement since. 


Since then every day is miserable for me and I have been unable to return to work. Most days i will need to use the bathroom between 5-8 times, I normally have to use the bathroom first thing or after breakfast where I will pass quite a lot of stool but never fully formed (not diarrhoea and not pebbles but almost like broken pieces of a normal stool). However, I never feel properly evacuated even though I can’t pass anymore. From then on every hour or so I will pass small pieces of stool at a time. I have the constant feeling of needing to pass stool which is extremely uncomfortable and means I avoid social situations, I cannot eat out in a restaurant and have been unable to even sit still with my family for periods of time. Walking seems to help a little but I still have that feeling all day long. Some days my stomach is a little upset and i often feel very nauseous, this comes and goes, can be really bad one day and not as bad the next. but the feeling of incomplete evacuation is always there. about once a week i feel really constipated where i cant pass any stool that day but still get the urges. Some days I am extremely gassy as well, i get minor stomach pains very occasionally but not really a main symptom.


My doctor has suggested IBS but I am just not sure as I feel I was completely fine until 5 months ago, and all my symptoms now seem to have followed on from the one upset stomach I experienced out of nowhere in July. I also do not know what I am experiencing, as it doesn’t seem to be diarrhoea or constipation, just passing very small stools constantly and being uncomfortable the whole time which leaves me unable to go to work, socialise and makes me extremely anxious and unhappy. I have had blood work done which has all come back normal and am currently seeing a nutritionist but i already eat no gluten or dairy she says my diet is very healthy. I am very concerned as you know your own body and I just know something is very wrong. I also hear that IBS is meant to be flare ups where as I have felt like this for almost half a year now and I also have not heard of anyone having my specific symptoms. I am so miserable and feel like i no longer have a life, will be able to have a job etc. Is it possible that i have developed severe constipation from overuse of immodium several months ago and in this case would colonic irrigation perhaps be helpful? or is a parasite or infection possible? any advice would be appreciated, im at a loss as to what to do

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Posted 24 November 2015 - 07:37 PM

could be a virus or parasite

drink for parasite help: agave tequila 2 tablespoon, aloe vera 2 tablespoon, pineapple juice (fresh or canned, 8 oz)

Drink this for three days as a therapy at 10:00 pm

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