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What is the answer to my IBS-C?

IBS-C Anxiety fatigue

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Posted 07 January 2016 - 01:24 PM


I have been suffering with IBS-C for nearly two years now and i have done so much research, but i have yet to pinpoint the root cause. I dont like to take medication or medicine, as i want to heal myself naturally for good, rather than take some medication that only masks the real problem. My issues started through an emotional time two years back with deaths in my family, and my stomach spiraled out of control. Started off with severe IBS-C and terrible abdominal pain/bloating. Overtime, this faded slightly as i reduced stress, changed my diet, and tried taking some probiotic supplements. As the months went on, my main complaints of IBS faded somewhat; i am still not excreting properly to this day, but it is not my main complaint like it used to be. My main complaints seem to now be chronic fatigue, confusion, terrible anxiety (especially social, which i never had before because i was a very outgoing person my entire life), certain food allergies that i never had, scalloped and swollen tongue, occasional salt and refined carb cravings, body temperature fluctuations (feel very hot or cold randomly), joint pain, which i believe has to do with an autoimmunity problem such as RA. Now, to most people this sounds like leaky gut i would assume, right? But whenever i take probiotic supplements (and i have tried 8 different ones), 3/4 of the time they make me MORE constipated and i feel WORSE. Now i dont think this is a temporary herx, because i have tried many probiotics and given them a month time, and they still havent improved me. Yes i took histamine degrading probiotics too just to be on the safe side. I know the tongue and cravings mean some type of deficency, but i have taken vitamin b-12, serotonin and magnesium and i had no improvements whatsoever. I just hate having my mood always down and having these problems; it was first the constipation, but it stemmed out to becoming a mental tantrum. Any insights  would be much appreciated. I could not find any answers and neither have gastroenterologists.

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Posted 07 January 2016 - 01:44 PM

Probiotics make me more constipated too.


IBS-D runs in my family. IBS is a chronic condition for a lot of us.


This has helped me a lot (click on below link to read):



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