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Worried about liver or whereabouts

discomfort ibs liver medications

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Posted 25 January 2016 - 08:43 AM


Hi there folks.


I'm sorry if it's posted in the wrong discussion group, I couldn't really find where exactly this question should be posted at.


I posted about my situation a few months ago, I think more than 6 months ago. Back then I was full of worries and pain.


What happened since then...


I had an endoscopy and a full abdominal tomography.


None of them found anything. I had abdominal pain, bloating, and switched from diarrhea to constipation ( followed by flattened stools ) very fast.


Both examinations didn't find anything like cancer, gallstones, liver problems or any other worrisome thing. My endoscopy showed I have some kind of a Hiatal Hernia. Not THE hiatal hernia, but a kind of, as in my case it's due to a malfunction of my stomach valve ( it doesn't fully close ) rather than something that was caused, such as an hernia.


Most of my pain is under control now. I guess our psychological gets so affected when we are in doubt, that we start getting a bunch of somatic pain, right?


So, what's my problem now?


I have been feeling this thing that has been developing for quite a while already. I never really bothered, but not it's so much discomfort that I'm starting to worry a lot!


I have this discomfort under my right rib cage. It's not a pain really. Except for when I'm lying down, it gets worse when I cough ( only when lying ), it feels as if something is pushing.


Back when I was 20 I had my appendix removed. So, the pain I feel when coughing is like when I had the surgery, that pulling pain whenever I tried to move.


I am uncertain, very uncertain whether the pain comes from inside my ribcage or from my muscles.


I only have pain when lying down and cough. Never in any other ocasion.


But what disturbs me the most is that I have this constant discomfort under my right rib cage. It's as if there was a ball inside there, pushing.


It makes it hard to breath and sometimes I can almost feel a sort of pain on my back. But it's not really there whenever I push.


Also, when lying down and it becomes the pain above described, I try to push it to find the exact location of the pain, no matter how deep I press, I can never find the pain!!! It's driving me insane!


From the last I guess 3 years, I have become a little hypochondriac, so I'm going crazy, scared that it might be my liver. I put in my mind that I have cirrhosis and I'm going to die.


The problem is that the CT Scan I did showed everything fine with my liver, gallbladder and whereabouts.


So, I have these problems confirmed: the "kind of" hiatal hernia, and IBS.


Also, I have a pinched nerve I gained back when I was 19, when this jerk tried to wrestle me without my consent. So I take every once in a while a muscle relaxant. It's not a strong one as vicodin would be. It's called Dorflex ( not sure if you guys have it in your countries ). It's composed by Dipyrone and Caffeine.


It's good for migraines and muscular problems.


I'd say I have back/head aches every 2 or 3 days, and since I was 22 I guess, I have been taking Dorflex.


That's the reason I 'm worried about! I fear I might have messed up with my liver because of that crap.


But I'm posting this question here, solely because the exams showed everything fine with my esofagus, stomach, galbladder and liver. They were taken no more than 3 months ago.


I just want to know if you guys, who also suffer from IBS, also have that kind of discomfort?


I do not have jaundice, my stools are ok these days, I'm not nauseous. Yeah, I'm a little chubby, not really really fat, and the doctor previously thought I might have fat liver, but after an ultrasound, in the exam results everything came out fine just as well.


The discomfort is constant. Not really a pain. It's just there, constantly reminding me something is wrong. Whenever I move it gets more discomforting. The problem is that it's getting worse.


Also, I have this heartbeat skipping, which feels as a throbbing right there,under the right rib cage.


Please, tell me I'm not dying folks! The doctors don't take me seriously anymore, nor does my wife. And I don't blame them! But the discomfort is here, constantly!


Thank you for your help!

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Posted 25 January 2016 - 08:55 AM

I forgot to say...


I have been taking Omeprazole for a little more than one year already. My doctor said it's either that or a stomach surgery to solve that problem in the valve.

#3 jaumeb


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Posted 25 January 2016 - 09:42 AM

There is many people in this forum with similar symptoms.

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