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Unlikely diverticulosis sufferer ...

bleeding diverticulosis wholefood vegan fiber fibre flatulence diarreah sigmoidoscopy exercise

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Posted 19 March 2016 - 09:11 AM


I am prompted to post this because of massive bleeding at the moment - something I have usually assumed is internal haemerhoids.


Diverticulosis is the only firm diagnosis I have - following my recent post-55 sigmoidoscopy.at the end of last year.


I have had permanent near-diarreah for maybe 8 years - though I would far sooner have that than constipation - and massive flatulence - but thankfully only smelly at night and thankfully at work during the day I get to walk outside and usually manage to get the timing right.


I am generally very fit and healthy - I adopted a wholefood vegan diet 35 years ago - though for the past 10 I tried a detour into occaisional fish and latterly small amounts of cheese - but my diet remained mostly as it always had been - mostly veggies wholegrains and beans.


The nett result of being a lot less fussy reading food labels was that I made it to actual obesity - in spite of cycling every day and often 100 miles a week...


But I am now on top of my weight problem and am nearly down to a fully healthy weight - and fully back to a vegan  diet - and an improved one - ticking all the nutrient boxes - supplementing with B12, flaxseed and D.


A typical day starts with uncooked porridge oats with added flaxseed and unsweetened soy milk and a pear.


Massive chickpea salad for lunch. or soup plus wholegrain rice.


My evening meal for the past 6 months starts with a whole pound of steamed cruciferous veggies - sprouts / broccoli / kale,  veggie soup and beans.


Having ditched added sugar, jam, biscuits and cake, my main weakness is now muesli and dried fruit.


Fibre intake at least 70g per day.


Constipation has always been so rare for me that it is almost memorable.


About 8 years ago it dawned on me that my bowel movements were now consistently at the high end of the Bristol Stool Scale and I also saw some blood ..


Because I was over-40 - even though haemerhoids probably explained the blood, I was sent for a barium enema and x-ray .. i was then sent to the world's most useless consulatant and perhaps thankfully I turned down the colonoscopy - though I was glad to accept the sigmoidoscopy with its much reduced risk of complications.


So where am now ?


No upper digestive issues. Hearty appetite - full of energy. Unsurprisingly given my diet I am massively flatulent - perhaps even more than I used to be - thankfully mostly at night.

Regular as clockwork in the bathroom as always - but usually twice - 5 AM and 6 AM and usually not that far from diarreah - and significant issues with underwear staining. I got into the habit of using diluted aloe vera gel to help with getting clean ...


I am posting here now because of the bleeding .. recently quite a lot - really fresh and lots of clots - it happens  maybe once  a month to 6 weeks - I usually get a slight itching - no pain. Perhaps cycling helps ...


If it's haemerhoids they are very elusive and vanish as quickly as they appear - no sign when I had my sigmoidoscopy last year and no comment from the doctor when I had a prostate exam a few weeks later.

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