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... and then my bowls started working the way they were when I was a young man

Flagyl Giardia epsom salts Gastroparesis Depression rapid wait loss

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#1 Matt Lombardi

Matt Lombardi

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Posted 14 April 2016 - 10:25 AM




I just want to share my saga and how I made a 100% recovery.


I don't know if I had IBS, still have it or never had it. I don't care because I'm just Sooo much better. I'm going to explain (best I can) what went wrong and how I fixed it.


What went wrong

Christmas I was still fat with a healthy appetite. Had to constantly watch what I was eating to avoid becoming obese - don't we all know this! Then my health took a bad turn. By middle March I lost 30lbs. I went to my primary care doctor and his diagnosis of the weight loss was gall bladder. He insisted it to come out and referred me to a GI surgeon. The surgeon did not even examine me, just tols me the bladder must come out, no matter what. He said once I have recovered from the surgery, he would do some CT scans etc to see what else is wrong or has to come out. 


I bucked like a horse. I literally ran, ran to my car, After a lot of reading, I was convinced its NOT gall bladder. No pains, no thickening of the bladder wall etc, blah blah. I went for a second opinion, Turns out it was not gall bladder but still no explanation of the weight loss. I kept telling all the doctors, the problem is lower down, below the belly button, if you were. 


I took matters in my own hand. I got it in my head that I had Giardia with constipation. The constipation got so bad everything stopped moving for like a month or longer. 


Here's what I did to get better:

Took epsom salts as directed on the box, repeated it 4 hrs later. Nothing happened for like 12 hours. The next morning all the stuff making me nausious, sick and poisened got expelled as a liquid. Horay! Thank the Lord! 


To satisfy myself, I took a course of Flagyl for Giardia (took the veterinarian version) for 7.5 days. Wau!. Unbelieveble, My tummy started rumbling the first time for month and months. My appetite came back in a HUGE way. I just wanted to eat, eat,eat! 


Now, all I take is 2 heaped teaspoons of Metamusil each morning. Thats it. Cured, regular as clock work.


Irritable Bowl Syndrome:

Once everything was working, I must say I had all sorts of sensitivities. Eating Dairy and Bread was painful in the beginning but now, 3 weeks later even that has gone away.


This is the 21st century. We no longer take out body parts just "in case". We no longer send patients home  with Gastroparesis, morbid depression and severe weight disorder with "I don't know what is wrong. We now listen what the patient is complaining from. Twice I tried explaining Im seeing Giardia stools in between constipation. Both doctors did not give me the chance to explain why I think I have it, just blew me off as if I'm hypercondriac or simply clueless.  (had it 3 times before and every time I had huge weight loss but recoverd quickly and completely.) Btw, that was in Chicago where they routinely test for Giardia, Im now in Colorado.So yea, there should be no reason for a 21st century patient to resort to taking Aquarium chemicals just to get better.



Got "Fish Zole" from my local aquarium shop. It's Metronidazole, same thing as Flagyl. They come in 250mg and 500mg. I took the 250 four times a day. There are 30 pills in the bottle which is perfect. Gives you 7.5 days woth of treatment (7 days is the normal dose of the antibiotic).




#2 Matt Lombardi

Matt Lombardi

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Posted 14 April 2016 - 10:55 AM

Correction. Fish Zole comes in 60 count (not 30 as I stated above).

#3 APR


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Posted 18 April 2016 - 03:13 AM



Thanks for sharing your story.  I didn't know that giardia can cause constipation.  I know absolutely nothing about giardia in humans, except for what I've heard on TV, etc.  I was under the impression that giardia can quickly become life threatening [at least if you never received medical attention for it].


However, I foster dogs and in rescue, we definitely have experience with giardia in dogs.  The severity seems to vary from case to case, but in dogs, it's typically continuous diarrhea and, depending on the severity of the illness, weakness and lethargy.  Metronidazole is what vets prescribe for giardia in dogs.  I think they might also prescribe that for cats with giardia, but I haven't personally fostered a cat who had giardia so I'm not certain.


BTW, coccidia is kind of similar to giardia and infects cats and dogs--but from looking it up on Wikipedia, it looks like it is not likely to infect humans (it is possible, but only one [uncommon] species infects humans).


I suppose your story is another example of why getting a second opinion is always a good idea.  I hate to think about having a surgery like gallbladder removal when it's completely unnecessary [and not only won't relieve the symptoms you're having, but may cause other problems in the long term].

#4 vanilla_bean


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Posted 20 April 2016 - 11:46 PM

That should've shown in a stool study. You had stomach problems and your doctor wanted to remove your gallbladder without doing a stool study first? That's the first thing my GI docs have always wanted me to do. It's a cheap and effective test that is standard to administer to people with the symptoms you described, and he went straight for the gallbladder?

Assuming you're telling the whole story, I'd file a complaint against them, as that's appalling. There's no way they should be allowed to practice medicine if that's actually how your visits went.

I have to ask (as I was struck by the irony of you advising readers don't take medication unsupervised when you are popping animal and fish antibiotics): what're your credentials for self administering prescription medication? No doubt they can work the same as ones designed for human consumption, but it's pretty bizarre without context, and ignorant to do so without knowing what you're doing (indeed, antibiotics are what got many of us got into this IBS mess).

I'm cured!!! My solution here. Try eliminating all grains and dairy. 

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