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IBS-D Diagnosed '13 - More frequent blood in stool, is this normal?

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Posted 30 April 2016 - 06:22 PM


Hey Guys! 


I hope you are doing well and that your stomach is (at least relatively) behaving itself today :) 


A little back story for this question:

After college, the stomach issues I had sporadically as a child increased to the point where I was in constant pain, barely eating, constantly going to the porcelain throne (with the occasional blood), increased anxiety/depression, and losing a lot of weight as a result. I realized I might have a problem (understatement). I was shuffled from doctor from doctor (I'm sure most of us are familiar with that very fun shuffle) until I finally found one that seemed to really listen to me. Months later and many many stool and blood tests later I had my colonoscopy at 21. I never knew photos of the inside of my intestines would be so fascinating. They found nothing and unable to find the root of the problem told me I had IBS-D and told me to eat more fiber (the worst advice I have ever received). 

A lot of us seem to be diagnosed and then left to our devices to figure it out on our own. This is how it was with me. A year went by, i figured out some of my unique food rules, I started on Vitamin D and Calcium supplements (this was only at the start, first three months after diagnosis), and really found my stride once I started using the miracle of Slippery Elm tea (seriously you guys. Look into this. I'm convinced it saved me). I also did a little meditation and positive journaling to help calm my anxiety. I would say I have had things relatively under control for the past year. Of course I have my no good, very bad days, but in comparison to where I was in 2013, it is night and day (okay maybe not full on day, but at least dawn)... I've been pretty good for the last month of so and THEN...


The blood is back. And it's a lot more than before. And i suppose anytime blood is coming out of anything on your body that it's not supposed to you can't help but get a little freaked. What I'm wondering is... does the blood thing happen to you? Should I just chalk this up to a usual symptom of IBS and not worry about it? OR should I be going back to my doctor for what I assume will be another colonoscopy. (fun, fun)


Originally my doctor assumed I had Ulcerative Colitis, but when my colonoscopy came up clear IBS was deemed the culprit. Do you think this could have been a mistake? Maybe just a good day in my intestines that the inflammation was down? 




You are a glorious human bean. Thank you for taking the time to read this and post your unique info! I think the only way I got this far in my treatment was through reading advice from other people like me. You're amazing. I'm proud of you. You deserve at least 50 points to your respective Hogwarts houses. (i can not resist a nerd reference, forgive me). 

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Posted 30 April 2016 - 10:16 PM

Maybe doctor can do the occult blood test on stool to see if blood is from intestines behind any hemmoroids you might have?

I was told I had IBS then I also started having some blood. Colonoscopy showed very mild inflammation. Unfortunately, to the surprise of the Doctor, biopsy said it could be Crohns. Because it doesn't look anything like Crohns and my symptoms don't match, they told me I just have some non specific patchy inflammation. Maybe you have something similar?

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