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IBS-C with incomplete evacuation

ibs incomplete

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#1 jordanckennedy


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Posted 09 August 2016 - 01:11 AM


I'm glad I found this blog. I was diagnosed with IBS-C in 2010 when I was a teenager. I was on every medication possible and had several visits to the hospital. The constipation was so terrible that I had to have my stomach irrigated in the hospital with a tube down my nose and my throat. It was a miserable time for me. My doctor prescribed me Amitizia and it was a lifesaver for a long time. After a year and a half of taking it, I decided I found a better alternative- GNC psyllium fiber husk. They made the constipation go away almost immediately. I was SO happy!


After years of taking those capsules, I had normal bowel movements. However, recently, it's stopped working. My number one issue is incomplete evacuation. My stool doesn't form well even with fiber. When I spend hours in the bathroom, I still feel the stool "stuck" in my rectum. I usually wait for it to drop but that could be hours, if at all. Usually after waiting, I take a shower and clean myself out where MOST of the stool comes out. It's disgusting, and makes me sad. I just want it all to come out at one time. Does anyone have ANY solution?


I was back on Amitizia but it has now given me almost immediate diarrhea. Same with Linzess. I'm at my wit's end and I'm depressed. Any suggestions help... 

#2 annie7


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Posted 09 August 2016 - 04:54 AM



so sorry you're having problems.  



have you tried  elevating your feet on something like a footstool, shoe box, overturned waste bin etc while sitting on a toilet?  elevating your  feet can help straighten out the anorectal angle and allow  a more complete evacuation. so can using a squatty potty.   it might take some experimentation to find the right height for you.  
if you are having trouble with incomplete bowel movements with stool left stuck in the rectum and keep feeling like you need to go all day, you could have pelvic floor dysfunction.  have you been tested for that? with pfd, the pelvic floor muscles do not  coordinate and/or relax properly to allow easy passage of stool. ineffective pelvic floor muscle coordination results in inadequate relaxation of the pelvic floor while attempting to have a BM. the puborectalis muscle tightens and contracts when it is supposed to relax to allow passage of stool.  so you can't get it all out (incomplete) and keep having that "have to go " feeling all day.
pelvic floor dysfunction is not just a woman's problem. men can develop it too.  i know a number of men who have it.
a defecatory proctogram test will show if you have pfd as well as reveal if you have any other outlet problems like a  rectal prolapse, etc. an anal manometry also helps diagnose pelvic floor problems.
biofeedback and physical therapy can be effective in correcting pfd.
so you might want to mention this to your gastroenterologist   and ask to get tested for it. here is a good link explaining it all.
good luck.  hope you can find some relief.

these are just my own thoughts. for expert medical advice please contact a health care professional.

#3 Fromthegut


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Posted 09 August 2016 - 05:59 AM


jordanckennedy ,Sorry to see you go through this .I have had similar issues starting 2010 but mostly IBC-C ,Incomplete evacuation being major Issue

did the following recently


with GI - Endoscopy ,Colonoscopy  -Normal ,then GI told Its IBS (may be officially from Doc) -2010-2016 went through Ayurvedic medications ,temporarily helped 

Didnt do defectography yet - Planning this year ,Took the physcillium husk earlier did help temporarily


I am also getting this Intestinal formula -one of my friend is bought & is shipping to me 




I also took Nux Vomica (Homepathic) on advise of a Dr 
Nux Vomica 200 (pellets) single dose -Today ,Not sure if it had any effects as I dont see any improvement signs

http://www.webmd.com...name=nux vomica


following forum link might help 




Good luck and let know how it goes .

#4 Fromthegut


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Posted 09 August 2016 - 06:02 AM


following links are of help






This is where i found about Herbdoc intestinal formula 


Above forum link is from flossy(user) ,has quite a lot of details & sub-links that may help


Wishing you will get better ..

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